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A Hot Political Debate on a Truly Hot Topic: The Huskers' Starting Quarterback

The heat seems to be getting to folks. Whether it's President Obama, Arizona's immigration laws, or Omaha's police contract, a lot of people have strongly held (and voiced!) opinions.  Just listen to talk radio, Fox News, or MSNBC. The problem with these issues is that it's easier to talk (or in some cases, scream) about them than they are to solve. In the end, I'm not sure there are going to be any winners of these debates.

Maybe it's time to turn the focus onto a different topic: one where we all seem to have different opinions, but we all want the same thing. Who's going to lead the Huskers' offense in 2010?

The good news on this debate is that we will find an answer eventually.  Might find out about it next week, or maybe next month.  Hopefully not later than that, but you never know. In the meantime, everybody seems to have an opinion on this.  The best part about it: in the end, I think we'll all come together in the end on this debate. I'm not so sure about it with those political topics.

We all know the cast of characters:  it's going to be a three man race between senior Zac Lee, sophomore Cody Green, or redshirt freshman Taylor MartinezKody Spano is not part of the 105 man preseason practice squad, as he's still recovering from his ACL injury.  Brion Carnes is just now being introduced to the Husker offense, and seems to be heading for a redshirt season.

Each candidate has his own attributes and negatives.  Zac Lee is the experienced guy who fought through injuries last fall, but also had his issues last fall.  Lee looked extremely uncomfortable running the ball early in the season, but seemed to improve as the season went on, and actually looked serviceable in the Holiday Bowl.  Cody Green is the talented dual-threat quarterback who's got the arm and the wheels to be great.  He started at Baylor and looked good at times, but struggled at others.  In brief stints against Oklahoma and Texas, at times he looked like a turnover just waiting to happen as freshman nerves seemed to take over.

Taylor Martinez is the guy with all the buzz.  He wowed fans in the spring game showing his elusiveness, but that's the only time fans have seen him on the field. The rumor mill is full of stories of Martinez and how he just seems to have that "it" factor that legends are made of. But he's never played a single down of college football.

The coaches have made it clear that this is a wide open battle, and we might not have a clear-cut starter by the opening game.  It could stretch through the first few games, and possibly change as the season goes on.

It sounds like Lee has recovered completely from his injury, and is bringing a sense of command to the huddle, having spent the offseason not only trying to mend his arm but also learn from his mistakes last season.  But so did Cody Green, who worked on his mental game as well.  We very well might have heard the same thing from Taylor Martinez, if he were allowed to speak to reporters.  (Nebraska has a policy that a player is off-limits for interviews until he plays in an actual game.)

So what do you think?  Who's going to be the quarterback this season?  How soon will we know?  Do you have a personal favorite?  Add your comments below; if you aren't a member of CornNation, just click on the red box on the right side of the screen and "Start posting about the Cornhuskers".