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Corn Flakes: Brandon Kinnie Loves the Cover of Cornhusker Kickoff

Jon, JLew, and the Cats are on assignment this week, so I'm filling your bowl of Corn Flakes this morning. Where's the milk? And pass the sugar, because I'm usually a Frosted Flakes guy myself. Got your coffee? What about the orange juice? Where do those guys keep this stuff anyway?

Practice report: Heat doesn’t deter harder hits - Lincoln Journal-Star
Lots of nuggets about practice yesterday. Niles Paul mixed it up in practice on his 21st birthday, but only planned to celebrate with family that evening. No drinking, thank goodness. Redshirt freshman Andrew Green is practicing at peso with Eric Hagg and Ausin Cassidy. Juco transfer Lavonte David is "freakish" and is in the mix at linebacker.

So who will the linebackers be this fall? Will Compton seems to be the most likely starter, but then it gets cloudy. Sean Fisher? Eric Martin? What about David? Alonzo Whaley? Mathew May? Matt Holt? Oh, and all that talk about Adi Kunalic redshirting this fall? Pelini says "He's playing."

Near miss fuels Brandon Kinnie’s training - A Local Newspaper
Receiver Kinnie ready for next step - Another Newspaper

 Brandon Kinnie mentions the cover of Cornhusker Kickoff as motivation going into this season, according to two stories in two newspapers. The 2010 cover of our annual football preview features Kinnie leaping in the end zone to catch a third down pass - only to come down out of bounds. Make that catch, and Nebraska leads Texas 13-10.  (PS to the editors at the fishwraps:  couldn't you at least mention the name of the magazine?  Especially since some of your own writers contributed to it?)


John Blake's Association with NFL Agent Gary Wichard - Yahoo! Sports
Former Nebraska defensive line coach John Blake is being investigated for his relationship with Pro Tect Management, who once listed Blake as "Vice President/Football Operations." Wichard also represented former Nebraska I-back Brandon Jackson, who's NU career overlapped with Blake's from 2004 to 2006. At this point, nothing from Blake's days in Lincoln are under investigation...but it's still a little too close for comfort. - HM

Full speed ahead for healthy offensive line -
You know the old adage - it all starts up front. Last year, it was a struggle to find five guys period. Now, Nebraska seems ready to go two deep on the line.

Caputo measures up with his boss -
Another walk-on is ready to become a big-time player on the offensive line.

Personalities add some pizazz, punch to 2010 team -
Niles Paul and Prince Amukamara are competing in practice, setting the tone for competition on the team.

Watch Lists: Crick & Amukamara to the Bednarik List; Helu on the Maxwell List -
Three Huskers will be on the radar for a pair of postseason national trophies as the Maxwell Football Club has named junior defensive tackle Jared Crick and senior cornerback Prince Amukamara to the watch list for the Chuck Bednarik Award, while senior running back Roy Helu claimed a spot on the Maxwell Award watch list. Of course, these preseason lists are laundry lists, kind of like "also receiving votes"...but it's still a good thing.

The big question for Washington: Can the defense stop anyone? - Jon Wilner, Sporting News
For all the hype about Jake Locker, Washington still needs to find a defense to become a power in the Pac-10 this season.

Delayed Arrival by Heard Doesn't Doom the Offense - Big Red Network
Umm, okay...I don't know of anybody who expected Braylon Heard to be a major contributor in 2010. Intrigued, yes. Contribute this season? Perhaps. If Heard gets his test scores squared away, and shows up in January, he'll have the advantage of participating in spring drills before his freshman season. This could actually be a blessing in disguise, as long as Nebraska doesn't suffer a rash of injuries at I-back this fall.

Volleyball Players say two Cooks aren’t too many -
Players don't see an issue with Lauren Cook on the squad, playing for her dad, John. Lauren's been part of the program growing up, so it's not like she's unfamiliar. But truth be told - what do you expect the players to say?

NU gets a commit -
Heh heh...thought you caught Husker Mike talking about a football recruit? Nope. Turns out this is point guard Corey Hilliard from Kansas City, who's committing to Doc Sadler's hoops squad for 2011-12. Hilliard was also receiving interest from Minnesota, Kansas State, Missouri, and Tulsa.