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Corn Flakes Re-Writing History

It will be interesting if the whole story of conference realignment comes to light. So far it's been defined by as being all on Nebraska. What do you readers of the Corn think? Hoe much is Texas, Colorado, and others to blame? Did Nebraska try and kill the B12? Does it even matter if NU moves on to a better relationship with the B10?


And then Texas swooped in and saved the kittens from the Evil Big Red.

Pac-10's Scott blames Texas for his plan's demise - Dennis Dodd -

Commissioner Larry Scott credits 'Texas politics' and leaks from Texas for conspiring to ruin his plan for the Longhorns' inclusion in the Pac-10 from coming together, according to Dennis Dodd. But the Pac-10 boss makes it clear who whose fingerprints are all over college football realignment. - HM writer disputes Larry Scott - Dennis Dodd -

Chip Brown says that the Pac-10 commissioner is "living in a fantasy world if he thinks DeLoss Dodds or Mack Brown leaked information to me." Except that Scott didn't say that...he said only said "Texas". That's not a denial; that's a Steve Pederson-esque weasel way to make a denial and not lie. In other words, Chip Brown essentially confirms that someone in the Texas athletic department (just not named "Dodds" or "Brown") fed him this information. - HM

Wisconsin' Barry Alvarez: Big Ten may look east to add another school | | Detroit Free Press

Go East Old Big 10? -JL

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | The Top 100 College Football Teams of the Last 100 Years: Part III

#47 Nebraska The question, then, is how in the hell isn't this team higher on the list? The main reason: using points allowed as the measure, their defense was only good, not outstanding. If you perused the box scores from 1995, you would probably see quite a few times where the Nebraska scrubs allowed late touchdowns, and if play-by-play data existed for 1995, then our S&P+ and F/+ measures might bump them right to the top of this list. But without that data, we use points scored and allowed, and garbage-time points factor into the equation. Also, though four Big 8 teams won 10 games that year, their schedule strength was hurt by the fact that they played five teams that lost eight games or more. This is what happens when you use math to determine such things. If you want to continue considering this team one of the five or ten best ever, nobody here will stop you.

That's good cause they could have to tried and stop me from saying that the 1995 team was the best ever. Tried. -JL

Corn Growing outside of Barry's Bar & Grill in Downtown Lincoln - KLKN-TV Channel 8

A row of corn is growing along Ninth Street in downtown Lincoln in front of Barry's. Nobody knows how it got guess is that someone planted it as a gag. - HM

5 Ridiculous Ancient Beliefs That Turned Out to Be True |

Just like Find Waldo, find the Nebraska fans! -JL