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Corn Flakes: Whole Lotta Links

Back-loaded links today, I swear I forgot it was Thursday last week, and then on Friday I was playing golf with the cats.


Cats are not good at golf

Great to see so many new Fan Shots and Fan Posts up. Remember with each shot or post up Cobby drinks a little more Kool-aid. He's just about to ready to declare Nebraska to be the odds on favorite to win the World Cup in four years.


Husker Mike's Blasphemy: 2010 Husker Motto: Finish.

On one side, it says "Finish"; on the other, "0:01". It's not a message about a conspiracy to defraud the Huskers last season...but rather a message to remind players just how close they were last season...and how far they still need to go. In 1994, the message was "Unfinished Business". In 2010, it's shortened to just a reminder to "Finish." -HM

Arms races: Nebraska isn't asking for much at QB, and may not have it - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF  - Yahoo! Sports

9. Bo Pelini, Nebraska–Some saw him as an afterthought hire.  Certainly not the blockbuster coach that people thought could bring the Cornhuskers back.  But if you watch Nebraska under Pelini, you see how hard his teams play, especially compared to the Husker squads of the last decade.  There are different recruiting realities at play in Nebraska compared to the old days, but Pelini is adjusting well.

I'm not sure I'd agree with HP's assessment of Pelini as an "afterthought", but it's nice to see Pelini getting some respect. - JJ

Middleton asked to leave

Washington Tight End Kavario Middleton has been dismissed from the team. Middleton was a highly ranked prospect who caught 26 passes for 257 yards and three touchdowns last season. He should have pushed Chris Izbicki for the starting tight end position. Washington now finds themselves with a depth issue at TE. Potentially good for us, potentially bad for them. - JJ

54b's Commentary - Chasing Hooters

On another note, please feel free to join me on my final pilgrimage to Lincoln this fall to pat Big Red on the head and remind them not to let the door hit them where the good Lord split them on the way out of the Big XII. You know I really used to like the Cornhuskers fans until they got a hard on for Texas and turned into Aggie-Lite.

What he really means is that until we decided we'd stop being so nice and started telling Texas to shove a hot brick up their ass. Rejection sucks any way you look at it and this is just one more Texan feeling rejected. - JJ

Top 5 New Rivalries in the Big 12 in 2010

About NU and Texas- This dormant rivalry reignited as the final Big XII game between two top 10 teams could be the best contest all year, in any conference. But you know it's being over-hyped by Nebraska and all. -JL

It Isn't That He's Biased, He Just Doesn't Know Football

Nebraska writer Sam McKewon simply doesn't know football, which make his preseason Big 12 rankings a complete sham.

Beergut at the the Texas A&M site "I am the 12th Man" takes on McKewon (again). I was surprised that McKewon ranked Nebraska's offensive line as high as he did. Returning starts are nice, but let's face it - last season our tackles weren't very offensive. They were slow, and they weren't nasty. Let's hope that changes this season - it'll be key in making the offense work. - JJ

Once a Husker, always a Husker

Nice article about (former) Husker lineman Brandon Koch returning to his Gothenburg roots. Kind of refreshing to see an athlete admit that he's not very good at golf. - JJ

ESPN/ABC Announces 2010 Schedule

On October 16th, ABC only has a regional telecast scheduled for 2:30 pm. ESPN will show Ohio State/Wisconsin at 6 pm and a Pac-10 game at 9:15 pm. ESPN2 has open slots at 5 pm and 8:15 pm. Hate to say this...but I think NU/ut is headed for 8:15 pm on ESPN2. Eww.

Allstate, American Football Coaches Association Announce Record Number of Nominees for College Football's...

To honor the distinguished group of college football players who stand out for the positive influence they have in their communities, Allstate Insurance Company and the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) announced the 112 student-athletes nominated for the Allstate AFCA Good Works Team®. It is the most ever in the 19-year history of the award.

Husker kicker/punter Alex Henery is a nominee for this award. The most-ever nominees? Hey, maybe the world isn't as bad a place as we'd like to make it seem sometimes. - JJ


Nebraska may have a new linebacker recruit, Santos on Wed.

Admire Decommits from Nebraska - Nebraska Football

I head a rumor that he was way under weight at camp, this appears to be a mutual understanding between him and the coaching staff. And recruiting continues on! -JL


Huskers' Osborne to be at Big Ten session - College Football -

What you thought it was B12 media days? -JL

Big 12 boss expects quick resolution on Husker exit -

I'm thinking that's only if Pearlman is happy. -JL

General Goofing

Suh puts the squeeze on children at hospital > The Independent > Sports > Huskers Hq

USC to return Bush's Heisman - College Football -

Anyway we can get back the time spent watching ESPN gush about him?-JL

Iowa State Invites You to Desecrate Their Stadium and Jersey - Black Heart Gold Pants

Iowa fans discover a way to create an image of Jack Trice Stadium, with the band spelling out any message you'd like. Of course, they wouldn't abuse this... - HM