Corn Nation Off Season Recipes- Smoked Boudin

I’m sure some people out there are wondering just what Boudin (boo-dan) is. I’ts a Cajun sausage, like a Brat, stuffed with pork, rice, and other seasonings. I tried some of this when I lived in Louisiana and have been hooked since then. It’s really easy to cook and I honestly think smoking it is the best way, but it can be microwaved, grilled, or cooked in a frying pan.

If you’ve never tried Boudin and would really like to, check your local Walmart grocery and see if they sell it in your area. I,m fortunate enough that our Walmart here stocks it at all times.

There’s not a whole lot of preparation for this recipe. Just take it out of the package and place it on the smoker rack. Bring the temp in the smoker to 200 degrees and smoke for about 3 hrs. and it will be golden brown. I use Mesquite to smoke mine and it always turns out great. If you haven’t got the time or a smoker, these are great on the grill. Good luck and GBR!


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