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Does The "Red Out" apply to Bo Pelini?

Bo Pelini looks darned good in red. I'd have to say it's his color, wouldn't you?
Bo Pelini looks darned good in red. I'd have to say it's his color, wouldn't you?

It's mid-July yet, which means we're still game for talking about inconsequential issues, although we're getting closer to some real football talk. I noticed that the Big 12 Media released their preseason poll, picking Nebraska as the unanimous favorite in the North and splitting votes between Texas and Oklahoma in the South. 

Not real shocking, is it? Maybe more shocking is the media picking Kansas to finish ahead of Colorado - given the turnover in the Jayhawk coaching staff and the loss of their skill position players. The only shocking thing about the South is in picking Texas Tech over Oklahoma State. I think the Cowboys will produce a lot of offense, while Tech's days of high scoring games are in the past. That's just off the top of my head, though, based upon Okie State's hiring of Mike Leach-esque offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen versus my lack of faith in Tommy Tuberville's coaching abilities. 

What do you think about the Big 12 media's picks? 

Been on the road again this week, but got home in time Wednesday evening to watch my oldest son's soccer team win their regional playoff game and make it to the state tourney. They won their district tourney Sunday in dramatic fashion, tying the other team 1-1 through regulation and two overtimes, then winning the shootout. Last night's game wasn't nearly as dramatic, but it was a tough game. They won 1-0, but shut the other team down pretty well in the second half. It's exciting stuff, but I didn't expect it to be as nerve-racking as it turned out to be. 

Anyway, when driving for three hours at a time, your mind tends to wander, and in my case,  it wanders all over the universe. 

I don't pay much attention to the NBA. Never really been a fan. I think the last game I watched was when Michael Jordan knocked the ball away from Karl Malone and scored to win a championship. At least I think it was Karl Malone, I don't really care. I really didn't pay much attention to Lebron James and his decision, until Jordan made his comment about wanting to beat other great players instead of just teaming up with them.  The NBA already wasn't appealing - but if they're teaming up just to win themselves a title - why would anyone bother watching? 

Wandering over to the NFL - it looks like they're going to have a lock-out next season, probably because owners like Jerry Jones don't want to share revenue with smaller market teams and don't want a salary cap. This sounds ominously like the same problem the NBA has - stacking the cards in your favor to win a title because it's easier than coming up with the coach and team to win it when things are even. 

That's too bad. I do like the NFL, and I will plan on watching more of it this year just to see how Ndamukong Suh does for Detroit. Sad thing is - Nebraska could have another first-round draft pick in Prince Amukamara - but if there ain't no draft, what's going to happen to him? 

I wandered around a bit more and started thinking about the "Red Out" site, Osborne's comments about not singling out an opponent, and wanting everyone to "wear red, no gray or black shirts", and I had to wonder if that applies to Bo Pelini as well. 

I'm not trying to be snarky about it. I don't expect Pelini to break out a Tressel-esque sweater vest and it doesn't bother me that he wears grey sweatshirts all the time as long as he's winning games and running a clean program. I just think it's pretty ironic.  I wonder if he'll lead the charge by having the coaching staff wear red for that game. Or maybe they could just do it the whole season. I mean, hell, if they expect fans to wear red, what are they thinking when they're not?