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Corn Flakes: Hanging at the pool

It should tell you something when the biggest story is about Texas Tech's design firm using photo-chopped images of Husker fans. I guess no news is good news, but has anyone heard anything about 7 on 7 drills? Anyway go out and enjoy the pool.


Even the cats like the pool. College Football - Mailbag: Another BCS buster on the horizon?

Everyone is saying Nebraska is going to win the Big 12, but I have a hard time believing it. How do you see the Big 12 playing out? Bob in Dallas
Count me among those who predict Nebraska will leave the Big 12 in a blaze of glory and win the conference championship.

Statesman college football countdown: No. 10 Nebraska

Hmmm more people ranking NU high in the preseason and predicting that NU will be BCS bound. The haters can feel free to deny that Nebraska is on it's way back though. -JLew College Football - Huguenin: Units that must come through

BIG 12 Offensive group: Nebraska line The buzz: Four starters return, but the line wasn't close to being a dominant unit last season and one or two of the returnees could lose their starting jobs. A lot is expected of T Jermarcus Hardrick, a JC transfer. G Keith Williams has lost weight and is in much better shape, and he and Ricky Henry could form a solid guard duo. RT Marcel Jones hasn't lived up to billing. Nebraska should win the Big 12 North regardless. But unless the line gets more physical and aggressive, that maybe it for the Huskers' titles this season.

NE - BIG 12 PREVIEW: Ranking the Big 12 Offensive Lines

T2. Nebraska Returning Starters: Four Strengths: Because of injuries, a variety of Huskers gained valuable experience in 2008 and 2009. Thanks to guards Keith Williams and Ricky Henry, NU is excellent on trap plays and screens - when the quarterback can see over the line. Some of the young depth - guard Brent Qvale, tackle Jeremiah Sirles - is impressive, not to mention junior college transfer Yoshi Hardrick. Weaknesses: Health has been a major factor with this bunch. False-start penalties, too. Mike Caputo takes over at center for Jacob Hickman; expect a transition there. Caputo played quite a bit, however, because of Hickman’s various injuries.

Key to the season? -JLew

Life in the Red's Blog | Rumors and tidbits

That said, don't bet on Nebraska playing South Carolina in the 2011 Chick-fil-A College Kickoff in Atlanta. The possibility popped up on message boards this past weekend, apparently because the matchup was at one point included on the annual game's Wikipedia site.

WHAT?!? Wikipedia was wrong about something? I'm shocked. FWIW I believe that at posting wikipedia indicated that NU would be playing the Pittsburgh Steelers in the game. -JLew

Notes: Wistrom to be enshrined in Hall of Fame -

Wistrom, a two-time All-American at Nebraska, was selected to the Hall of Fame last summer and participated in its induction ceremony in December. Now, he and 23 other college football legends are set for the enshrinement in South Bend, Ind.

Some other notes at the link about Suh's donation to the University, some practice field upgrades, and who's going to the media days with Bo.

NCAA's anti-agent crusade hits Florida for alleged Pouncey payday - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF  - Yahoo! Sports

The notion of "amateurism" in big-time college sports has been a kind of running joke for years as more and more money is at stake for everyone involved. But even the most skeptical assumptions about the corruption of the outdated "amateur" ideal may be rendered quaint by the time this ride comes to a complete stop.

Minnesota Golden Gopher football profile; Kevin Cosgrove

His last coaching experience was a four-year stint as the defensive coordinator with the Nebraska Cornhuskers from 2004 through 2007. The Huskers' famed "Blackshirt Defenses" led the nation in sacks and tackles for a loss in 2005 and ranked in the top 25 in scoring defense and pass efficiency in 2005 and 2006.

Hey, great for Minnesota that Cosgrove will be returning as their co-defensive coordinator, but talk about putting lipstick on a pig. Has Cosgrove learned to defend against the spread? Uh... not so much. I'm hoping he's still in Minnesota in 2012, I'm betting you are too. - JJ