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Iowa Cyclones No Match For Husker Power

On Saturday night, severe thunderstorms rumbled across the state of Iowa, moving into the state around Lake Okoboji on the Iowa/Minnesota border.  Winds were clocked at over 80 mph, and Doppler radar indicated a possible tornado. The high winds uprooted trees and boat docks, sending the region into darkness as boats floated away from their moorings. So for most folks in the region, it wasn't until the first light of morning before vacationers and residents were able to gauge the extent of the damage.

In Arnolds Park, winds whipped across the lake, and the docks broke apart, sending boats crashing into the deck of the popular Ritz nightspot.  The Ritz celebrates area colleges by flying the flags representing the University of Iowa, Iowa State University, and the University of Nebraska at the end of their dock along with a large American flag.  But as dawn broke across the Iowa Great Lakes on Sunday morning, the sight was somewhat reminiscent of what Francis Scott Key saw in 1814.  One flag was still there; the lone survivor of Mother Nature's assault.


The American flag's pole had collapsed, and the Iowa and Iowa State flags were long gone...but the red and black Husker Nation flag fluttered proudly in the early morning light, albeit on a pole leaning slightly, but still the lone surviving flag.  As cleanup ensued throughout the day, the American flag was properly removed once it was safe to do so, but the Husker flag fluttered all day long as a tribute to Husker Power, even in foreign territory.

Oh, say does that Husker banner yet wave
O'er the land of the Hawkeyes and the home of the 'Clones?