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Best of Nebraska: Defensive Back Nominations

Truth be told, I struggled with coming up with candidates for this I'm really hoping you'll help me out here with candidates for best in the secondary.  Truth be told, I think Nebraska has had more talent in the secondary in the last fifteen years than in the previous hundred...but that could be an misperception on my part.

So like always, I'll throw a few candidates out there...but I'm looking to you to help build the list.

Mike Brown

This one was the no-brainer selection...especially when you consider his NFL career. He started 38 games for Nebraska from 1997 through 1999, and was a first team all-American his senior season. His name still sits atop the career charts for defensive backs:  tops in total tackles in his career (287), unassisted tackles (137), assisted tackles (150), tackles for loss (17). He's had a heck of an NFL career despite annual season-ending injuries from 2004 through 2008.

Ralph Brown

Like his teammate Mike, 'ol Ralphie was an all-American in his senior season at Nebraska. He started every year at Nebraska, and is tops at Nebraska in pass breakups in his career (50) and fourth in interceptions (11). While he hasn't had the notoriety of Mike Brown in his NFL career, he's entering his twelfth season in the league.  He could also deliver the mean hit; just ask Jamaal Lewis..

Mike Minter

His Husker career was hampered by a knee injury in 1994, but his 10 year NFL career spoke volumes. An all-conference safety his senior season, he moved up to linebacker to replace Terrell Farley, who'd been dismissed from the team.  Didn't find any highlights from his Husker career...but how about this from his days with the Carolina Panthers?

So who else did I forget?