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Corn Flakes: Back in Action!

We after finishing up some things professionally, and getting prepared to take a new job, JLew is back and I brought Corn Flakes with me. Look for bi-weekly installments again until the season starts going again (or until Jon replaces me with a Cyborg).


The Cats missed you too.



Nebraska Football 2010, Can You Feel It (via snakebandit)

Let's go ahead and start this comeback right. -JLew

Nebraska Cornhuskers take aim at Texas Longhorns ahead of October showdown - ESPN

Suddenly, the kings of class have gone Dan Gilbert on the Texas Longhorns -- and turned Oct. 16 into the Bad Blood Game of the Year in the process.

Pat Forde is a Mizzou grad, just FYI. -JLew

Guide to Nebraska for Big 10 Fans

Nebraska and Big 10 fans just love each other right now. But as BOTC explains, the love won't last.

Well, hell, who expects it to? I already hate Iowa. I'm sure it'll take less than about 15 minutes as an official member in the Big 10 before I hate Ohio State. Really, what's love go to do with it? -Jon

I kinda hate Michigan already. -JLew

NU recruit Harper fails to qualify -

He's headed back to junior college this fall.  Disappointing, yes...but he still will have two years of eligibility left.  My guess is that he's close to qualifying, so he'll play at Navarro Junior College this fall, and be ready to enroll next spring. -HM

I heard a rumor that he maybe here in Jan. -JLew

NE - BIG 12 PREVIEW: Ranking the Big 12 Running Backs

2. Nebraska Starters: Roy Helu (1,147/10) and Rex Burkhead (346/3) Strengths: Helu is an unusually gifted runner who sheds tackles in a variety of ways and has deceptively good speed. Burkhead is a jack of all trades. He’s good in short yardage, as a pass catcher, as a pass blocker and as Wildcat quarterback. Third-stringer Dontrayevous Robinson is the power back of the bunch, a good short yardage option. Tyler Legate is NU’s fullback, a returning starter. This is Nebraska’s best backfield since 2006.

Bust out your lucky whatevers and rub them for a healthy Helu. -JLew

Life in the Red's Blog | Soldier Field anyone?

"This is not SEC football," Gilbert told the newspaper. "This is Big Ten football. The weather is part of the game."

*snicker -JLew


NCAA considers ban to early scholarship offers - ESPN

Maybe it's just going to be a weak attempt to put the genie back into the bottle, but anything that tries to put the brakes on the free-for-all that is recruiting is a good start IMHO. I mean, how can anybody really think that a ninth grader is ready to make a decision on college? -HM

Finally, Michigan Stadium can accommodate the entire population of the U.S. Virgin Islands - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF  - Yahoo! Sports

Yep that is one big house alright. Should be fun to try and take it over... -JLew