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Where I Come From: EA Sports NCAA Football 2011 Available Now

This post is sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 2011

From EA Sports:

When you go to a particular school or grow up around college football, you are more than just a fan. It's who you are. We thought we could leverage this pride in your roots and show that "where you come from" is more than just a statement about geography. By positioning NCAA Football 11 as a game that understands this pride and is authentic to these traditions, the takeaway should be that anything that is in college football is in NCAA Football 11.

And this doesn't just include game play (though that's a huge part of it). It's rivals and mascots; it's legends and stories. It's those things that are at the very fabric of the game itself. Of course the game is great this year as well. With authentic entrances, mascots and specific offenses for each team, the term "where I come from" takes on a much larger meaning. While playing NCAA Football 11 is ultimately a great sports sim, it should also give you a sense of the pride and emotion one has for being a fan of a team they will never not be a part of.

From Me: 

I downloaded the demo on Xbox Live last week and played it for a while. My initial reaction - this is way too complex for a 48-year old guy who pretends he can keep up with you younger people who know who to work all those combo-keystrokes with lightning accuracy. That, and I hadn't played NCAA football in quite a while. 

The demo included four games you could play, such as Missouri vs Clemson, Texas vs Oklahoma, Florida vs Florida State, and Ohio State vs Miami (if memory serves). Obviously, the demo was limited, but.... wow! There is a huge number of offensive and defensive selections - seems you can run just about any offense or defensive scheme you can imagine. At first I tried Missouri vs Clemson, and lost as Mizzou because I didn't know what the heck I was doing (although oddly enough, I didn't feel bad about losing as Missouri, imagine that!). Later on, I played Oklahoma vs Texas and beat Texas 47-0 even though the quarters in the demo were limited to two minutes.

Did I mention this game can give you an ego boost in the middle of July when it's seemed like decades since the last real game? 

I'll be getting EA Sports NCAA Football 2011 - it's just a matter of when. I tend to be a cheap guy, so I typically don't buy games right when they come out. 

However, I'm wondering if Husker fans are interested in finding each other online so they can play each other. Or maybe beyond that, we can find a group of other college football fans. In any case, if you're interested, maybe we can use CN as a place where EA Sports fans can post their Xbox live gamertags and set up some games. Or maybe there's somewhere else online that this already happens. I don't know, but I'm pretty sure some of you do, so feedback is always encouraged! 

If someone wants to post their review after getting it, that'd be cool as well! 

And if you want to buy the game online, click on any one of the ads on this site, and you'll be taken to a place where you can purchase it online or get a list of retailers.