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Time for the Corn Nation Mail Bag!

Okay, so it's directly stolen from the Ralphie Report, but it's something I've been thinking about for some time. It occurs to me that there are a lot of lurkers  who may not feel completely comfortable posting comments on the site, so I'd like to start doing a mailbag feature every other week so that we can read and respond to anything that you may be wondering about.

Ask about anything and everything related to Cornhusker sports, conference realignment, or whatever you like. We especially welcome those of you Big 10'ers who might have a gob of questions about what Husker fans think about joining the Big 10, because it looks like it's imminent. 

Send an email to and we will respond to the best (or all if we only receive a couple) questions that we get.  Nice and easy right? Now get started and fire away.

I also wanted to remind everyone to use the FanPage feature over on the right hand side of the page to start discussions of your own.  Think of it as your own little message board feature. All we ask is that you keep it (relatively) clean, and always maintain your sense of humor.