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Will Colorado Be the First Big 12 Team To Join the Pac 10?

It was kind of a quiet day.... until there was notice of a double-secret meeting of the CU Board of Regents (if you want the map to the place, well, it's available. So much for secrecy. What did they expect, anyway?). 

Then there was another blockbuster from our Texas buddy, Chip Brown, that Colorado may accept a Pac-10 invitation as early as tomorrow: 

Colorado is expected to have a major announcement on Wednesday, sources said.

If the specualation is true, Colorado could be preparing to accept a bid from the Pac-10 Conference, which has targeted the Buffaloes for expansion.

(First of all, it's not a typo. Texans are regularly adding extra vowels to words, so specualation is quite correct.) 

If Colorado leaves, nothing much changes, really. Nebraska still has a decision to make, based on what Notre Dame does (or not). Brown makes it sound like Nebraska might be screwed dependent upon what happens with Notre Dame and the Big 10, but I'd like to think that it's more Texas that'd be screwed if Colorado accepts that invitation before Baylor, since Texas may be stuck with her sister schools (all the Longhorns fans just gagged) because of Texas politics. 

The Big 12 can survive without Colorado by adding (gag) another Texas team like TCU, and things move on with the Big 12 remaining a viable conference. 

In any case, the week continues. That Tom Petty was so right when he said "waiting is the hardest part", eh?