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Big 12 Death Watch Open Thread

I imagine that at the beginning of yesterday you were getting really tired of the constant conference realignment talk. Then Chip Brown happened. Then Colorado Athletic Director Mike Bohn all but confirmed Brown's article. Then Steve Sipple wrote an article, released online late last night, that gave even more reason to believe that our conference is on death watch today. 

I thought about writing something about it, but it'd be about the same stuff Sipple wrote - "This is what it's like watching a conference die" kind of sentiment. Rather than do that, consider this a Big 12 Death Watch Open Thread.

Rather than try to keep up, posting articles or breaking news when it comes available, please post anything you hear (or find online) in the comments section. That way we can all stay abreast of what's going on. Nebraska is in a potentially precarious position. If the Pac 10 rips apart the Big 12, we might be scrambling to make sure we can become part of the Big 10. Or we could get left out in the cold... 

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This party gets started after the jump! 


DEATH TO THE BIG 12 | Upon Further Review

Every other team anywhere near the Midwest that does not already belong in the Big 10 or SEC or Pac-10 would (or at least should) be thrilled to be in the same conference as KU and KSU, so let’s see what we can do with that.

And that list includes????? 

If report about Pac-10 is true, Big 12 may be in jeopardy 

This guy just woke up.... from Memorial Day, apparently. 


Big 12's silence punctured by the sound of a league breaking apart 

You have to love this:

The pithiest quote of the day may have come when Blair Kerkhoff of the Kansas City Star asked Texas A&M athletic director Bill Byrne about the reported Pac-10 plans. "You actually believe I read" Byrne asked.


Now, that could ultimately just give Texas and other Big XII schools the political cover necessary to bolt to the Pac-10 en masse as rumored, but let me be clear on this one: THERE IS NO SCHOOL MORE LIKELY TO END UP IN THE BIG TEN THAN NEBRASKA.

I don't know who this guy is, but he writes well. He makes sense. Funny this is, he does it well enough that he's gained credibility. I wonder if he reads 

Texas can save Big 12

Still, only interest on the part of Texas, mighty Texas, makes the whole thing fly. Texas and only Texas can save the Big 12 by staying put. That would be the same Texas that inspired jealousy from other Big 12 members for earning a bigger TV revenue share than the other schools.

I'm wondering if he was on his knees when he wrote this. 

Pettiness, Paranoia and Pollyannas

Sam McKewon gives us his take on things. He's right - this conference is full of people who can't keep their story straight, but there's a reason for that. Mistrust.

Berry Tramel: Pac-16 is the answer for OU, OSU 

I'm in Byrne's band. Never read So I can't comment on the credibility of the Rivals website. But I can comment on what should happen if it's true.

Well, holy shit! I'm in the same club with Bill Byrne, Frank the Tank and Berry Tramel, because I don't read either. I await their dinner invitations! (I"m guessing Frank would be the only one I'd feel comfortable with, though.) 

Hey, wait a minute. Berry Tramel doesn't read He didn't read Chip Brown's article? Talk about talking a shot at an old colleague or perhaps it's just jealousy.