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Corn Flakes Hopes Your Wedding Is This Blessed

We haven't done one in these in a while. Jlew, master of Corn Flakes, is busy going through some life-changing events right now, so I thought I'd kick one out this morning. 

Realignment means revision for fight song 

Jennifer Sanner, senior vice president of the Alumni Association, said as part of Homecoming Week, Oct. 18-24, there will be a contest giving students a chance to re-write the lyrics. The Oct. 23 Jayhawk Jingle event, which has been a singing competition in the past, will also become the platform for students to present their revised version of the song to a panel of judges.

Hey, KU is going to have a contest to replace their fight song lyrics. Then there's going to be another contest to guess how many entries contain "rip his f*cking head off", and a Las Vegas line as to whether or not those lyrics replace whatever lyrics get picked in the real contest.

NCAA proposes end to early scholarship offers

Prep players may have to wait a little longer to start accepting scholarship offers. An NCAA committee announced Thursday that it will back a proposal to prohibit making scholarships offers to recruits before July 1 in the summer between their junior and senior years in high school. If passed, it would apply to all sports. Coaches also would have to receive high school transcripts documenting at least five semesters or seven quarters worth of academic work for a young recruit before they can offer a scholarship.

I am surprised that no one has mentioned this, especially the recruitniks. I think it's a damned good idea - recruiting has gotten more ridiculous than ever, and they need to do something to stop the early stuff. It would put an end to a lot of the bait and switch stuff that's going on, wouldn't it? 


Expansion: Recruiting Edge For Nebraska?

The move to the Big Ten is a huge recruiting win for the Big Red, as they are able to move into more talent rich soil, while maintaining recruiting ties in states they previously recruited while as a member of the Big 12.

Leave it to an Ohio State site to point out the recruiting advantage that Nebraska will have by moving to the Big 10. Takes the hand-wringing right out of that "we won't be able to recruit Texas" argument..... doesn't it? Oh, we're going to become close friends with all sorts of new sites over the next year. Eleven Warriors is one of them you'd better get familiar with.


Expected yield from the corn harvest

When you weigh in factors like Nebraska’s question marks in big places, the Lincoln crowd/weather, and then that Texas will have just played Tech, UCLA and OU I think you get a strong case for Texas 2nd loss. Of course, I don’t even remember the last time NU prevailed against Texas in that stadium.

Texas dude just can't bring himself to say that Nebraska might win that game. Almost there, but he just can't do it. OTOH, he has a point. 

Did the spread really evolve from the single-wing?

Little late on this one, but more football education from Smart Football's Chris Brown, who did a nice piece in Cornhusker Kickoff 2009 about Nebraska's offense, the zone read, and the wildcat. You really should check that out, too. 

Hance details hectic weeks of trying to save Big 12

"Nebraska was not wild about the Big 12," Hance said, adding the 'Huskers for the last year had expressed interest in leaving the Big 12. The school had grown disenchanted with the conference once it lost its football dominance."The last four times we played them, we beat them - and, a couple of times, soundly," Hance noted. "I think their athletic director prefers a different style of football than you saw in the Big 12, so they were looking at other conferences."

There's bullshit, and then there's your higher grade Texas bullshit. Just when you think the best bullshit comes out of Austin, you get this stuff flying out of Lubbock. It's like they're competing in some bullshit contest. Throw in that Bill Byrne guy out of College Station, and you could have some epic bullshitting fun. 

Tommy Tuberville concerned about Big 12's future

"I don't think this conference will last long because there is too much disparity between all the teams," Tuberville told host Bill King. "In the SEC, for instance, Vanderbilt makes as much money in the television contract as Florida. Everybody is good with it. Everybody is on the same page. Everyone gets the same votes. "That doesn't happen here in the Big 12. We have some teams that get a little bit more money and have a little bit more stroke than some of the other teams. And when that happens, you're gonna have teams looking for better avenues to leave and reasons to leave."

Maybe Tommy should get on the same page as his athletic director and blame our lack of dominance or style of play for Nebraska leaving. The last guy at Tech spoke his mind a lot and it ended up costing him. Interesting here? Not so much that Tuberville said this. It's whether or not he says something similar again.

National Scouting Grades Revealed
Prince Amukamara ranks #1 in the NFL's National Scouting Grade. Funny this about this - Amukamara is going to get so much press before the season starts, teams will make the mistake of picking on Alfonzo Dennard.... and for that they will pay dearly.

Carroll: NCAA 'doesn't get' USC's culture of openness

If Carroll really was aiming at the radically positive, community-oriented environment at USC that he suggests, the NCAA has ensured it's obviously not a level any other coach is going to try to reach again anytime soon, including Carroll's successor. This is just an outsider's opinion, but based on his reaction to the salvo against his handiwork, either Carroll was so secretly cynical he thought he could operate outside of the rules and flee the consequences, or – by his own account – he wasn't nearly cynical enough toward the people with the opportunity to bring his empire down. Under the circumstances, I'm not sure the latter is really that much more preferable.

 I haven't said much, if anything about USC's scandal. Is there really much to say? Carroll continues to play the "What, Me?" role, while athletic director Mike Garrett continues in his role of denial. Tell you what, though, if the NCAA lightens their punishment after the appeal, the NCAA will look like powerless morons, and there will be little incentive for other programs to do the same as USC did - cheat their asses off and not worry about the consequences. 

BIG 12 PREVIEW: The 12 Best Players

Sam McKewon gives us his best 12 players in the Big 12. I guess that's appropriate for this season... get it - 12 players in the Big 12 when next year they'll only have 10 teams? Hyuk. Do you agree with his selections or not? And who would you rank as the best player going into the 2010 season?

Ranking the Big 12's best: No. 6
David Ubben over at the ESPN BIg 12 blog is ranking his Top 25 players of the Big 12, one at a time. At number six is Nate Solder from Colorado. Why am I pointing this out? To compare it to McKewon's single article in which he has the Top 12 players of the Big 12. One article versus 25. Hey, maybe this Ubben guy is smarter than McKewon - he's getting more content out of his rankings! That ain't it, though. Ever since Tim Griffin left this spot, I have barely bothered checking on the ESPN Big 12 blog - there's little content there worth reading. To be really blunt - there's little content there because Ubben is no where near Griffin's work ethic. Anyone else noticed that? 

Last but certainly not least....... 

I have no idea who this Tim guy is, but that Rebekah is a keeper. Good luck to you guys in your marriage and GO BIG RED!!!!! 

(I know what you're thinking...... does she have any sisters?????)