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For Some Husker Fans, Moving to the Big 10 Won't Be Easy

It's a good thing Husker fans have a full year before Nebraska begins playing in the Big 10. It's a good thing because it'll take a full year to make that transition. I'm not talking about dealing with a new schedule, or figuring out how you're going to get the Big Ten Network, nor am I talking about what the new Big 10 divisions will look like. Dealing with these changes will be relatively easy. 

For some of us the conference move cuts to the core of who we are as fans. It's a complete shift (A paradigm shift? Well, yes, but i hate that phrase) in how we've approached college football season since we've been cognizant of our fanaticism. I really can't explain that right now.... but perhaps I can illustrate the problem better (after the jump). 

Iconcobby_medium (banging head on table) WAaaaahhhh WAAAHHHHHH wwaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!

Iconjonj_medium What the hell is wrong..... Oh! Ha! That whole "Nebraska Joins the Big 10" thing is just now hitting you, isn't it? 

Iconcobby_mediumWhat have we DONE? Why did this happen? Who's done this to me? 

Iconjonj_medium Tom Osborne, Jim Delany, maybe that Dodds guy from Texas. 

Iconcobby_mediumI hate them! I HATE THEM ALL! 

Iconjonj_medium Calm down. No one hates Tom Osborne. 

Iconcobby_mediumI do. 

Iconjonj_medium No you don't. The only people who hate Tom Osborne are people who like Satan. You don't like Satan, do you? 

Iconcobby_mediumNo, but someone must pay. 

Iconjonj_medium Dan Beebe was in on it too. 

Iconcobby_mediumIs that that guy with the giant forehead? 

Iconjonj_medium Yes. 

Iconcobby_mediumI'll blame him then. 

Iconjonj_medium Good choice. Great choice, actually, a lot of other people blame him too. Okay, you're calm, right? 

Iconcobby_mediumI'm okay. 

Iconjonj_medium So what's really bothering you about all this? You'll miss playing Iowa State, Kansas State, or the Missouri  Tigers? Is that what's gotten you so upset? 

Iconcobby_mediumNO. I don't care about that. 

Iconjonj_medium So what is it? 

Iconcobby_mediumI suppose you'll want me to like these Big 10 people. 

Iconjonj_medium Well, yeah. They've been pretty nice to us so far. It's been pretty amazing. 

Iconcobby_mediumSo.... I have to like Iowa now? 

Iconjonj_medium Let's not get crazy. 

Iconcobby_medium There's one other good thing I can think about all this. 

Iconjonj_medium What's that? 

Iconcobby_mediumAt least I've only been around a couple years. It's not that big a transition for me. But for you, wow! What are you, 60?

Iconjonj_medium I turned 48 in June, for crying out loud. I'm not that old. 

Iconcobby_medium48!!!! You're ancient! You have a lot of memories, a lot of past to deal with! 

Iconjonj_medium What do you mean, "to deal with"? 

Iconcobby_mediumOh, come on. You've been making fun of the Big 10  for years. You've hated them. You've been mean to them. 

Iconjonj_medium That's not true. 

Iconcobby_mediumIt is. Remember that time you said the Rose Bowl was overrated and that you were tired of hearing about it

Iconjonj_medium Well... 

Iconcobby_mediumIn fact, you guys have been calling their conference overrated for a long time. Remember the bit about the "Big Mac"? 

Iconjonj_medium That was Mike. 

Iconcobby_mediumNice try, buddy, but you attacked them for being mediocre, too!  I can see it - in just a couple months, you'll be making excuses for the same conference you've spent the last 60 years bashing! You'll be a Big 10 apologist! I'll bet you'll need counseling! 

Iconjonj_medium I never really thought of it that way..... 

Iconcobby_mediumYou're one of those "root for the conference guys", aren't you!??? 

Iconjonj_medium Yeah, I guess I am. 

Iconcobby_mediumThat means you might end up having to root for Iowa! 

Iconjonj_medium Oh.... good lord..... 

Iconcobby_mediumWhat if it comes down to Iowa versus Oklahoma for a national title? 

Iconjonj_medium ... 


Iconjonj_medium (banging head on table) WAaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh WAAHHHHHHHHHH