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World Cup: USA vs Ghana - Can We Do It?

I don't care if you're only interested in Nebraska football, you had to be moved by what happened a few days ago with Landon Donovan's goal to move the USA in the World Cup Knock Out Round. 

If you can't be moved by this, I don't know what to do for you because it's just pretty damned cool. Note that first set of fans: 

It's the USA vs Ghana in the Knockout Round - lose and we're done. This is time to note that the USA hasn't won back-to-back World Cup games in 80 years. The USA is ranked 14th, Ghana ranked 32nd. A win, and we're in the quarterfinal against either Uruguay or South Korea. 

Consider this an open thread. Believe it or not, I probably won't get to see this game. It's soccer jamboree day for our club, I have one kid playing and two kids coaching, and I'm hoping like hell someone has a way of letting us know what's going on.