Corn Nation Off Season Recipes- Smoked Buffalo Tri Tip

Ok, I tried to think of something great to send off CU, but with Nebraska leaving the Big 12 also, It’s just not the same . Are we gonna miss CU?,,, I don’t think so,,,but I will miss the Thanksgiving day game! My wife’s family is CU crazy and I’m going to miss rubbing in the beatdowns delivered by the Big Red!!

I wanted to do something like stomped, crushed, or even a stuffed Buffalo recipe. I couldn’t make up my mind and couldn’t get a tenderloin so I decided on a Buffalo Tri Tip. So I’m calling this my "See You" Buffalo Tri Tip Recipe.

I started with a 5lb Buffalo Tri Tip. I did a recipe earlier in the off season with a Beef Tri Tip and the prep and cooking time isn’t much different, It just has a whole different flavor. If you can get Buffalo meat, it is much leaner than Beef, and tastes way better in my opinion.

I seasoned my Tri Tip with some Corky’s dry rub and Famous Dave’s steak seasoning. I always try something different as far as seasoning goes, and you should use what you like best! Try not to over season the meat but rather let the natural flavor speak for itself. I put the meat on the rack, with the fat, what little there is, facing up. This allows the juices to flow down and moisten the meat during the smoke.

I fired up the smoker and maintained a temp of 200 and smoked the Tri rip for about 3 hrs or until the internal temp reached 140. This temp gave me a medium to medium rare finished meat and the flavor was perfect for me. If you like your meat more done, cook it to an internal temp of 150 or higher. The internal temp will always determine how well it’s done. After removing from the smoker, let stand 20 min. before digging in and serve with a cup of BBQ sauce on the side. If you can’t get some Buffalo, a Beef Tri Tip is just as tender and good!! Enjoy and bring on the comments! GBR!!



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