Welcome Nebraska!!

Hello Corn Nation! I was very happy to hear the news that the 'Huskers were coming to the Big Ten. Nothing against the Tigers, comparison.

Nebraska is a great addition and, from my personal view point as a Nittany Lion fan, a great rival. I know the media has been focusing on Iowa-Nebraska and Wisconsin is already proposing the annual closing game with you, but, I can't believe no one has focused on the Penn State - Nebraska (looming) hatefest!!

I have two words (or one name) that will get any true Husker fan up in arms.....

Mike McCloskey!!!

This may classify me as an old-timer but I was there when Mike came down with that pass to set up the winning score.

Feel the hate??

Of course, there are more than a handful of Penn State fans that truly begrudge Nebraska's 1997 co-championship or whatever you want to call it, but Penn State really didn't deserve it.

But, more hate, yes?

Also, the two football teams have met 13 times...I think this is the 3rd most of any Big Ten team...

  • 1920: Penn State 20, Nebraska 0 at State College
  • 1949: Penn State 22, Nebraska 7 at State College
  • 1950: Nebraska 19, Penn State 0 at Lincoln
  • 1951: Penn State 15, Nebraska 7 at Lincoln
  • 1952: Penn State 10, Nebraska 0 at State College
  • 1958: Nebraska 14, Penn State 7 at Lincoln
  • 1979: Nebraska 42, Penn State 17 at Lincoln
  • 1980: Nebraska 21, Penn State 7 at State College
  • 1981: Penn State 30, Nebraska 24 at Lincoln
  • 1982: Penn State 27, Nebraska 24 at State College (Mike!!)
  • 1983: Nebraska 44, Penn State 6 at Kickoff Classic
  • 2002: Penn State 40, Nebraska 7 at State College
  • 2003: Nebraska 18, Penn State 10 at Lincoln

Also, I may be the only person with this theory, but the Beaver Stadium "White Out" owes a great deal to Corn Husker fans....growing up in Happy Valley, it was mentioned, bemoaned actually, at how poor Nittany Lion fans were at wearing school colors (unless you think hunting orange and camouflage counted). And in the late 70's and early '80's the comparison was always against Lincoln and the Husker fans - a sea of red. Thanks for the that, but it still makes me hate you!!

Hate, hate, hate!!!

Finally, the Penn State Women's Volleyball team needs some real competition - so bring it on Lady Cornhuskers!

Much more hate!

Welcome - great addition - you guys are old school, defense loving, triple-option masters that truly belong in the Big Ten. Looking forward to some great games in the future.

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