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Texas Saves the Big 12 - Good for Them

They look happy together. Let's keep that in mind.
They look happy together. Let's keep that in mind.

It's official - Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and pretty much everyone else is staying in the Big 12, which now has ten members (and it looks like it'll stay that way). Texas A&M decided to stay instead of heading to the SEC.

And you know what? Good for them. 

At least that's the way I see it. I'm not even being sarcastic (which is shocking in itself). It looks like this pretty much works out as a win for everyone involved: 

- Colorado gets to leave for the Pac 10, something they've wanted to do for years. (More hippies! Whooooeee!!) 

- Nebraska gets into the Big 10, with better opportunities academically and the ability to make more money in athletics. 

- Iowa State and Kansas State don't get abandoned. 

- Missouri gets to stay in a viable conference until the Big 10 hits another round of expansion. 

- Oklahoma and Oklahoma State get spared having to travel to Pac 10 schools and pretend they're enjoying it. 

- Texas A&M gets to stay where they are as Texas' little androgynous brother. 

- College football is spared the mega conference. Out of all these things that's probably the best thing possible as the alternative would have resulted in a bigger separation between the haves and the have nots and most likely have gotten congress involved in college football - something that NOBODY wants to happen. 

Oh, and then there's Texas. Texas gets to make more money and play in a weaker conference without a conference championship game. They get to ultimately create their own television network, and will probably make millions more than they would had Nebraska stuck around. So what, if anything, do they have to bitch about (other than than Nebraska rejected them and nobody likes rejection)? 

Nebraska will face some lost revenue for leaving the Big 12 so quickly, but so what? It'll be paid for with the increased revenues in the Big 10, and given the booster support with Harvey Perlman, Tom Osborne, and Bo Pelini righting the ship, the cost'll be a blip on the radar. 

Listen - I know I could write some snarky article about how Texas pulled a fast one on everyone else, fuel the anger against Texas that's the current rage, but I ain't going to do it. Let's stay positive. Staying positive goes against the internets, it does. Everyone who writes knows that angry, resentful articles full of rage generate a lot more traffic than the positive ones (i.e., the politicos wouldn't be in business if they were positive). Nebraskans should stay positive because we're better off where we're going, and it appears that everyone else is too, so why bother getting all bent about it? 

I'm going with the "Don't worry, be happy" philosophy, (which is kinda weird since I'm normally a curmudgeony SOB on these matters). It's probably because it's June, and I'm worn out (and tired of) all the conference expansion stuff. Aren't you? Is it time yet to move onto to talking about our football team and the 2010 season, or do we have more of this alignment stuff left in us (seriously, I want to know). 

If there was a loser in all this, it was Chip Brown. During this entire fiasco, journalists ran amok with sources reporting this and that - and in the end, was Chip Brown right about anything? 

(You realize tomorrow I'm going to wake up, re-read this and wonder what the hell I was thinking, right?