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Nebraska To the Big 10: Pulling the Plug Ain't the Same As Killing

What a wonderful picture of Bo Pelini. Look at that SOB. Smiling, laughing. You think for a minute he regrets leaving the Big 12? Wait... you think for a second, he regrets leaving the Big 12?
What a wonderful picture of Bo Pelini. Look at that SOB. Smiling, laughing. You think for a minute he regrets leaving the Big 12? Wait... you think for a second, he regrets leaving the Big 12?

Well, I know I'm waking up hungover this morning, how 'bout you? 

Despite the celebrations that you and I had last night, life goes on. Today I'll attend some graduation parties (they better have beer), and talk to some young people about what is going to happen, what they're going to do with their lives. I love hearing them, somewhat because I see myself in them, but more because I love to hear their plans. 

That's not entirely different from where we are now (we, Husker fans) - as in having stated goals of what we (we, the University of Nebraska) want to accomplish moving to the Big 10, then being entirely surprised when things don't exactly work out that way. Oh. Of course, that's years away yet. I'm not trying to be depressing, I just want to point out that the most wonderful things in life happen out of plans gone awry. 

How did you meet your wife, BTW? Give that a second, then click the jump (and Mrs Corn Nation says I'm not romantic.) 

Smart choice, but contradiction for Huskers 

Are we responsible for the death of the Big 12? Hmmm..... ESPN Big 12 bloger David Ubben thinks so. Me? Yeah, probably. But when you see that Texas wouldn't give up their media rights, and there weren't any guarantees past 2016, WTF did everyone expect us to do?

Seriously, what did you other guys expect? This isn't about sticking it to Texas, or Iowa State, or any of the rest. This is about making Nebraska the best it can be, and that's what Harvey Perlman is supposed to be doing, otherwise, he wouldn't be doing his job. Same with Tom Osborne.

(This clipping sponsor by Dennis Miller) 

Nebraska makes a dozen for the Big Ten; Texas commences plans for next Big 12 exodus 

Dr Matt Hinton chimes in.....


Spencer is just... well. Blasphemous. Hilariously so, boils and all. (Oh, lookie, I capitalized "B". Hey, if you're not afraid of crazy Old Testament God, you're kind of an idiot.)

Nebraska trounces Texas, moves to Big Ten -

Dennis Dodds writes two articles in a single week that are all gushy about Nebraska. (Okay one article, one blog post). WTF is up with that dude? It's like he's all born again, Big Red style! 

MIZZOUEXPANSIONAPALOOZA 2010™: Where Does Mizzou End Up? - Rock M Nation

A look at where Missouri might end up after conference realignment. Many options are on the table, from the Big Ten, to a redefined Big 12, to the Big East, to the Mountain West.

I would like to see one other Big 12 team join us in the Big 10. And seriously, Texas ain't gonna be that team. It would make me happy to see Missouri join us if for no other reason than they've got a shot at it, and I kind of like hatin' on those sunsabitches. Wouldn't it be nice to keep one single strand of near-constant (constant in the internet age being... oh, three years or so) hate on tap?

Big Ten expansion: Another way to look at the academics

I realize lots of college sports fans don't give a damn how many cement-heads play on their favorite team, but places like the Star Tribune editorial page and MinnPost get paid to chin-stroke about academics.
Interesting perspective - I'm sure he stayed up all night coming up with that cement heads comment. Hyuk.


Nebraska to the Big 10 - BCS Evolution

And they parted with a few jabs at the Texas Longhorns. Nebraska wanted to make it clear that the Big 12's blood was not on their hands.

A jab reference..... 

Perlman's response to the ultimatum

...... and then here's the roundhouse, the uppercut, the stunning blow. That Harvey Perlman, he's a helluva fighter, that guy. Glad he's on my side. Blame? Yeah, go ahead and blame Nebraska if it makes ya feel better, I suppose it's natural. It's even religious.

First thing Adam did when confronted with Crazy Old Testament God was say "the women made me do it", a sign that blaming someone else is as old as humanity. Reality is, there's plenty of blame to go around. 

What you have to be aware of, as a Nebraska fan, is that some of us are going to bear the brunt of it, and when I say "us" I don't mean "me", I mean our fans that live in Big 12 south areas. And in the fall, it'll translate to our student-athletes (but that's a whole 'nother story which we have plenty of time to get to). 

The Realignment Watch - As of 1:52pm Nebraska has left the Big 12 building 

Holy shit. Scroll down to my comment. I was just trying to defend our position. Stupid me, I guess. 

Now, to be fair to BON, if you scroll further down to the bottom, you'll see some posts by a couple people who have posted here at CN. Decent argument there. 

Here's what is bugging me, less than 24 hours into this. Why is Texas pissed off? I mean, they can do whatever they want. They're Texas, dammit. They have all the resources, they can choose what they want to do. So, honestly, what is pissing them off so much? 

And don't answer that with anger - think about it for a minute because some of the Texas guys have been pretty decent here (which I suppose is easier because we're 1-8 against them). 

Big 12 can thrive, commissioner Dan Beebe says
"There is a bright future if we stay together," said Beebe, adding that money "shouldn't be part of the equation" but noting, "If it's about other factors that are outside of our control, then there's nothing I can do about it." No, Dan, money shouldn't be part of the equation, but it is. It's especially never part of the equation when you have a lot of it, like, say.... Texas? In a nutshell, Beebe points at the death of the conference. Revenue sharing wasn't equal, Texas refused to give up their media rights (money) - am I reading something into this, or does it appear that Beebe was never going to force those issues, and because he didn't, the Big 12 is dead. Am I right on that?

It's The End of the College Football World As We Know It....And I Feel Fine

Who didn't have this song running through their head at least once last week? 

So Nebraska pulled the plug on the Big 12. Somebody had to do it

When the 'Huskers were presented with an ultimatum to stay or go at last week's meeting, Perlman said, the Texas/Oklahoma contingent strongly suggested that "if Nebraska stayed in the Big 12, they would stay in the Big 12." Not if Nebraska and Missouri or Colorado. Just Nebraska.

There's a reason that Dr. Matt Hinton gets two links - it's because he's a damned good writer. He's good at spotting stuff like this when others have missed it.

Go to that link, read that last paragraph (not the one quoted here) and then come back here and tell me - If you're the guy that finally calls the body dead, are you the one that killed it?