Corn Nation Off Season Recipes- Smoked Stuffed Pork Loin

(A Now for Something Completely Different)

With all the expansion talk flying around, I hope this takes it off your mind, just for a little while anyway!! Colorado is GONE!, and I'm not sure what is going to happen when I gather with my wife's family on Thanksgiving,,,,they, I think I just puked a little, like CU!! The holidays will be interesting anyway! Sorry, I got sidetracked there.

Ok, on to the good stuff now. Wasn't quite sure what to do this time but as I walked through the grocery store and couldn't find a nice Brisket, A stuffed pork loin just sounded really good!

I started with a 4lb Pork loin and cut it butterfly style. To me, that is cutting off a 2" thick piece then slicing that 2" piece down the middle but not quite all the way through. It will look like a butterfly after cutting it. Lay the loin open and place your stuffing in the center of the cut. When it came to the stuffing, I just used some good ol Stove Top stuffing. I know, It sounds cheap and lazy but it works!

After stuffing the center of the loin, pull the two sides together, wrap it with bacon and use toothpicks to keep it all together. As far as seasoning goes, I used some Chicago steak seasoning sprinkled over the top of the loin, but as always, season it with what you like best.

I put the loins in the smoker at a temp of 190 for 2 hrs. and smoked it with mostly Cherry wood and just a little Mesquite. The nice thing about wrapping it with bacon is that the juices from the bacon settle into the loin and give it a really good flavor as well as keeps the pork loin moist!! I pulled the pork from the smoker when the internal temp reached 155 and let it rest for about 20 min. covered in aluminum foil. It was really moist and had an awesome flavor!! I will definitely cook these again because it's an easy recipe with very little prep time and the taste was excellent! Any questions or comments are appreciated and I know this recipe is short, so I'll help with responses and comments ASAP.

Hopefully this will take your mind off the expansion hoopla for just a little while. I can't wait for Big Red to play Michigan and finally shut their mouths about the '97 National Championship! GBR!!!!


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