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Does Nebraska Officially Join the Big 10 Today? - Open Thread

The links are from Husker Mike, actually. I was busy finishing Cornhusker Kickoff 2010, and asked him to put together resources through which anyone could watch the University of Nebraska Regents Meeting. On the agenda is the discussion of conference realignment. 

The university's Board of Regents executive committee on Wednesday evening amended the agenda for its previously scheduled Friday meeting to include a briefing from chancellor Harvey Perlman and athletic director Tom Osborne on conference alignment. NU Regent Tim Clare says the presentation will be made at the beginning of the meeting at 1:00 p.m central. 

One important thing to keep in mind is that the Regents are not voting to approve Nebraska joining the Big Ten, but rather whether to approve Nebraska's formal application to the Big Ten. There is a formal process here that needs to play out, but keep in mind it is a formality.  Neither side would allow this to get this far without assurances that it was going to happen.  Nobody wants to be publicly rejected.  After the Regents vote today, Nebraska will submit their application, and the Big Ten will then act on it.   They can meet on this electronically, so there is a chance a formal announcement and press conference could still occur late this afternoon.

NET will be carrying the Regents meeting today, and I assume they'll be webcasting as well.  They haven't said for sure, but I imagine it'll be announcedon their Facebook page. (For Big 10 fans stopping by - NET is Nebraska Educational Television. Nebraska has an exceptional educational television network.)  -

KOZN said they'll be covering everything they can tomorrow in Lincoln.  Their web site is

I would imagine that the Husker Sports Network will be carrying things as well and webcasting it on . KFAB will probably have highlights, but commitments to other programming may limit the time they spend on this.

KETV-channel 7 usually is really good about streaming breaking news on their web site at

The Omaha World-Herald tries to do some as well, but I'm not sure what their live video streaming capabilities are since they aren't a video production group at heart.

The other Omaha stations may have online coverage: and

I'm skeptical KXSP-AM, the other all-sports radio station in Omaha, will have much; they've pretty much abandoned local coverage.