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Opposing Quarterbacks Nebraska Will Face in 2010

Here's a quick look at the opposing quarterbacks the Huskers will face this coming season.

It's not like 2010 will be 2008, with Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford, Graham Harrell, Chase Daniel, Josh Freeman, and Joe Ganz all in the same conference, but the Huskers face some very good offenses this coming season. Bottom line - if the Husker defense sees a drop off with the loss of Ndamukong Suh, will the Husker offense be ready to score enough points to win games against these quarterbacks? 

CN will be looking at Nebraska's opponents and the Big 12 conference, going through positions and units as the offseason (slowly) rolls on. 

Western Kentucky Hilltoppers

The Hilltoppers don't represent much of a challenge. They currently have one of the longest losing streaks in FBS, they have a new coach in Willie Taggart, and they're in process of changing their offense to more of a pro-style, guy under center West Coast approach. 

Last year's dual-threat quarterback Kawaun Jakes returns, but he'll probably get replaced by JUCO transfer Matt Pelesasa.

Fear Factor: Non-existent

This will be a scrimmage, not much more. Why the hell are we playing this game? Oh, yeah. Steve Pederson wanted easy wins. It's a pay-per-view game. 

Idaho Vandals

Three-year starter and North Platte native Nathan Enderle is back at quarterback. He finished 2009 with 2,906 yards and a 61.5% completion rate and performed well enough to finish fifth in the nation in quarterback rating. 

Fear Factor: Low 

Idaho has to prove that 2009 wasn't a fluke good season. The Vandals have a decent offense, and it's nice to see a Nebraska guy who didn't go to Nebraska do well besides.... as long as he isn't a real threat to the Huskers.  Pay-per-view game number two.   

Washington Huskies 

The Huskies are lead by Heisman Trophy candidate and potential first overall 2011 NFL Draft  pick Jake Locker. Locker will get a lot of hype this season and he probably deserves most of it. He's a prototypical NFL quarterback, and athletic enough that he was drafted by Major League Baseball. 

Locker can't really be considered a dual-threat quarterback, but it must be note that he is Washington's all-time leading rusher at the quarterback position. 

Fear Factor: High 

Washington's offense has a lot more going for it than Locker. Nearly everyone returns, and if the Husker offense isn't in gear by this game, it's going to be darned tough to pull out a win. 


South Dakota State Jackrabbits

South Dakota State is a FCS school. The Jackrabbits' quarterback is Ryan Crawford. The Jackrabbits will be replacing their top three receivers and three offensive linemen. Neither bode well for a quarterback's health. 

Fear Factor: Low

It's another Steve Pederson-scheduled game designed for an easy win and a pay off. Pay-per-view game number three. 

Kansas St Wildcats

Grant Gregory is gone, and next year's quarterback will be Carson Coffman or Collin Klein. It doesn't matter much as whoever it is is going to spend the season handing the ball to Daniel Thomas. At least Coffman has started some games. 

Fear Factor: Moderate to Low 

Kansas State is hard to gauge. They're going to grind it out and hope their defense can keep opposing offenses from scoring. If Nebraska can establish a solid running game, this one won't be a problem. 


Texas Longhorns

Colt McCoy, winningest college quarterback gone. Garrett Gilbert takes his place. Does Texas miss a beat? Doubtful. Put it this way - Husker fans had a fair amount of fun giving Alabama fans crap about how a backup quarterback nearly came back to beat them. On top of that, Nebraska held the Texas offense to less scoring than the fierce Tide defense. You can't praise the guy on one end, then discount him on the other, even if it is spring when everything is wonderful. 

Gilbert should be an excellent replacement. Texas will have him spend more time under center, handing the ball off to alleviate pressure on him and limiting his mistakes. 

Fear Factor: High

Texas has a way of beating the Huskers. Obviously there's a huge amount of revenge involved here, but you don't get spotted points for revenge. 

Oklahoma State Cowboys

 Brandon Weeden takes over for Zac Robinson. Keep in mind that Oklahoma State hired Dana Holgorsen as their new offensive coordinator. Holgorsen was previously at Houston, where his offenses the past two seasons were amongst the most productive in the nation. Previous to Houston he was at Texas Tech for seven years, the last three as offensive coordinator. That's plenty of time for him to have learned everything he needed to know about the airraid offense. 

Weeden might be a quick study. He's a decent quarterback, and Husker fans should hope he spends the season learning the offense instead of being productive in it. 

Fear Factor: Moderate To High 

Texas Tech always seems to have Nebraska's number, at least in Big 12 play. One might hope that their ability to score isn't picked up quickly by the Cowboys. This game is in a bad place. Right after Texas, and right before Missouri. Egad. 


Missouri Tigers

Blaine Gabbert returns as the top quarterback in the Big 12 North. I realize since it's spring I'm supposed to poo-poo the idea that the Tigers could be formidable and make a crack about Jared Crick bending Gabbert's ankle in half like Ndamukong Suh did to Gabbert last year, but fact is, Gabbert has a lot of potential. 

Fear Factor: Moderate 

If Gabbert only had someone to throw the ball to. Missouri will be a good team, and this game will be a good one again this year. Husker fans should be glad it's in Lincoln, not in Columbia.


Iowa State Cyclones

Iowa State is going to have a lot better offense than most people think. Austen Arnaud has been around for a while, he has an experienced offensive line and running back Alexander Robinson to help. 

Fear Factor: Low to Moderate

The Cyclones always play Nebraska tougher in Ames, but they won't keep Nebraska's offense from scoring more than seven points this time, regardless of turnovers. 


Kansas Jayhawks

Anybody's guess between redshirt freshman Jordan Webb and sophomore Kale Pick. Neither have started a game, but Pick has at least thrown some passes in competition. Turner Gill's first year as a head coach in the Big 12 will be more about setting the tone for future development. 

Fear Factor: Low

Just how good are you going to feel when the Cornhuskers beat the snot out of a Turner Gill-coached team? 


Texas A&M Aggies

If this game doesn't scare you at least a little, you need to put the kool-aid down and back away. Senior quarterback Jerrod Johnson is excellent and the offensive skill positions are full of playmakers. Johnson can run, throw, and he ranked in the top ten in the passing categories. He threw for 3,579 yards and 30 TDs. 

Fear Factor: Moderate to High

College Station is still a tough place to play and under Mike Sherman, the Aggies have shown they're as schizophrenic as your craziest ex-girlfriend. Don't be so quick to chalk this up as a win - you know how she was when she got out the scissors. 


Colorado Buffaloes




One thing is certain. The starter will be Cody Hawkins or Tyler Hansen. Neither has shown much consistency, but at least Hansen has some growing left. Hawkins appears to have digressed each year his dad remains the coach. It'd be sad if it weren't Colorado. 

Fear Factor: Moderate to High 

They're the Buffaloes. They hate the Huskers, hate Nebraska, and by the time this game rolls around, might be playing for a bowl trip and Dan Hawkins job. They play their best game against Nebraska, generally, leaving one the impression that they conjure up the devil for that one game a season. 


Teams With Returning Starters

- Western Kentucky (starter returns, but may lose job) 

- Idaho 

- Washington 

- Missouri 

- Iowa State 

- Texas A&M 

- Colorado 


Ranking the Quarterbacks

- Washington 

- Missouri 

- Texas A&M 

- Texas 

- Idaho 

- Iowa State

- Colorado 

- Everybody Else