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Lincoln Votes "Yes" To New Arena - Congrats!!!

Lincoln, Nebraska residents voted in a proposal for a new arena that will be the future home of the Nebraska men's and women's basketball programs. The arena will seat 16,000 and construction includes the creation of 7,000 more parking spaces. Hey, more parking - who's not for that? 

Funny thing is, votes had only to approve about $25M of the $344M cost, the other $319M will come from bonds. 


Even though I don't live there, I believe this to be a good thing. Taxes will go up a little on hotels and dining, but it's about time Lincoln stepped up to replace Pershing Auditorium. Hell, it was a dump when I was there in the 80s, and I imagine with a nice, shiny new building that Lincoln will get more events than they'd had in the past.  

Congratulations, Lincoln, for stepping up and improving the city. The Haymarket area was a craphole when I was there. Boy, oh, boy, how much it's changed!!!!!