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Colorado's Dan Hawkins Pleading "Please Don't Let the Bottom Fall Out"

I was going to do a humorous article about Dan Hawkins as a missing person this spring, but then he took some time this past weekend to answer Buffalo fan emails in the Denver Post, and I realized that he isn't really lost, just being really quiet. 

Of course, the emails that fans would have really wanted to ask weren't answered, but Hawkins obviously had to answer some questions about his lack of success (being kind to the man) that he's had at Colorado. 

In typical Hawkins fashion, he's still an upbeat guy, but one that might be prone to a little more desperation than in his earlier days when he was fired up about being Colorado's head coach.

You know, earlier days before last season when it was sure that Colorado would be looking for a new head coach by late November.  Such bravado being gone, Hawkins is now just looking for support: 

But I like our fans, and our students have been nothing short of awesome, and we have some very dedicated and generous financial supporters as well. Colorado is a special place, I am fully confident that if the entire Buff nation calls (athletic director) Mike Bohn and says what can I do to help, we will get there!

Then later on you get: 

Your support of me, Mike Bohn, the football and athletic programs and the University is more important now than ever. Remember Coach Mac's saying: The four most important words in the English language, "I believe in you." I believed in Colorado at a very tough time in its history; let's all believe in this place now when it may not be the easiest thing to do.

And then, in conclusion: 

DH: Thanks for your interest! We need the Buff Nation now more than ever! Remember Winston Churchill and Apollo 13, 'THIS IS OUR FINEST HOUR!' Support your university and support your football program - GO BUFFS!

which, when translated, turn into "Please Don't Let the Bottom Fall Out This Season", a distinct possibility when one considers how little support the Buff program has when they're losing. If the bottom falls out, questions will arise about what will happen to Hawkins' career when previous to Colorado everything was roses. 

I've stated before that I'm not enjoying the whole "Dan Hawkins burns himself to the ground slowly" thing, but I have a feeling that 2010 is going to be like one of our patented Corn Nation Off Season Recipes, not for "smoked buffalo" but for "Smoked Dan Hawkins". 

Smoked Dan Hawkins
CN's projection of Dan Hawkins, circa December 2010 

Last but certainly not least, we can't overlook this question - 2. What college football program do you admire the most from top to bottom?

and Hawkins' answer: 

It's tough to single out any one program because there are so many great ones out there. Personally, I am very impressed and pleased with many of the coaches who lead the young men in their programs across the nation.

You know that he really wanted to answer "Nebraska" here, right? 

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