Corn Nation Off Season Recipes-Smoked Burgers

I was bored one day, and hungry, so I figured why not try some smoked hamburgers. The only difference is I used Buffalo instead of beef. Buffalo in this neck of the woods is more popular than beef and just as easy to get. The taste is great no matter how you cook it and it's a very lean and healthy alternative to beef.

I start with six 1/2 lb patties and season them with my favorite burger seasoning. As always, use what you like to use on your burgers. Everyone has different tastes so make them yours! Keep in mind this works just as well with beef.

I fire up the smoker and maintain a 200 degree temperature. Place the burgers on the rack and smoke, with Mesquite, for 1.5-2 hrs or until the internal temp reaches 155 degrees. When the burgers are done and you pull them from the smoker, they may look like a bland piece of meat. To get that grilled look, fire up the grill and toss them on just long enough to get that grilled look on both sides. I know some people use their grill to smoke food, so the grilled appearance is already achieved this way. If you're not concerned with looks, after pulling them from the smoker, immediately top them with pepper jack cheese and serve.

This takes longer to cook but the taste is well worth the effort and wait! Good luck and let us know how yours turn out or give us your ideas. GBR!!!

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