Corn Nation Off Season Recipes- Smoked Antelope Roast

I was going to title this one "Smoked Wild Game Roast" but I have only done an Antelope roast so far and I would like to think Venison, Elk, or any other wild game roast would be just as good. I think this recipe will work just fine for all of them. We have a LOT of Antelope around here, they’re tasty, and they’re very challenging to hunt in western S.D.

I started with a 3lb roast. I marinated mine for about 6 hrs. with some McCormick’s marinade, I would suggest using whatever flavor you like most, or whatever marinade you like most. McCormick has a wide selection of marinade. After it’s done marinating, I apply a light coat of my favorite rib rub and cut some small slits in it and insert some garlic cloves into the slits. Wild game is very lean and can dry out during the smoke process. The meat will need to be basted often as it smokes to keep the outside from drying out. You can do this manually with a basting brush and some marinade, beer, apple juice, butter, or whatever you like, or you can drape lots of fatty bacon over the meat (toothpicks will work fine for keeping the bacon in place) and as the fat from the bacon melts it will keep the meat basted during the smoke process.

I smoked my roast for 4 hrs @ 180 with a mesquite and a little cherry wood. Remove it from the smoker about 5 degrees before it reaches its internal target temperature (145). The internal temp will rise for 10 minutes or so, bringing it to the desired temp. One thing I noticed is that the smoke process seemed to take that "wild" taste out of the meat and it turned out super moist and tender.

As I stated before, wild game is very lean so be sure to keep the meat moist and try not to overcook it. After 4 hrs in my smoker, the meat was very tender and had great flavor. Even my wife, who dislikes wild game, enjoyed it. I hope yours turns out as good as mine, so good luck and any comments or suggestions on this recipe will be appreciated. GBR!!!

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