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Corn Flakes: A new Mike to coach baseball?


Life in the Red's Blog | Opponent preview: WKU

Is it too early to start looking at next year's opponents? Sure they have fall practices still, and a lot of things can change, but what else can we Husker fans do? -JL

Notable undrafted Big 12ers finding homes - Big 12 Blog - ESPN

Turner to Chicago, and O'Hanlon to Carolina. -JL

Only 12 months until the 2011 NFL Draft - Big 12 Blog - ESPN

Helu, Paul, Amakamara, and Henery all look to be drafted next year. -JL


Huskers fall to Hawkeyes

Tuesday’s outcome was NU’s sixth loss in seven games and left it 19-22 on the season. Iowa improved to 17-21.

I'll tell you what a lot of Husker fans aren't doing, attending baseball games. Trivia question, when was the last time NU won a B12 series? Winner gets a cat. -JL

Facebook | Petition to Hire Mike Leach to Replace Mike Anderson

Well here's an idea. And no I don't want to hear about how Childress has struggled this year at ATM, it does not make me feel better. -JL


The Value of Expansion Candidates to the Big Ten Network " FRANK THE TANK’S SLANT

We've all heard that Nebraska doesn't have the population to be a target for expanding conferences. But here's an analysis that takes into consideration all of the Husker fans nationwide. Only Texas (and Rutgers, because of New York City) would be worth more than the Huskers. That's right, Nebraska ahead of Notre Dame. Even Iowa State makes a surprising entry in this list. - HM

Nebraska will still take that expansion call, if anyone's interested - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF Blog - Yahoo! Sports

The Herbie phone sits on TO's desk ready to take that call, or maybe it's a duck phone? -JL

Expand the Big Ten, and every other conference -

Four superconferences of 16-20 teams split into divisions. Each plays a conference championship game. Those winners meet in the national semifinals, and the survivors advance to a lucrative BCS national championship game.

Does this make too much sense? -JL