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Larry Asante Drafted By the Cleveland Browns In the Fifth Round of the 2010 NFL Draft

Larry Asante was drafted in the fifth round by the Cleveland Browns. He was the 160th player taken and the second safety taken by the Browns. They had already taken Oregon safety T.J. Ward in the second round. Both players are known for being hard-hitting. 

If you'd like to know more about what Cleveland Browns fans are saying about the pick, be sure to visit the SB Nation Cleveland Browns site, Dawgs By Nature, where they're complaining about the Browns picking another safety. 

Asante was never afraid of contact, never afraid to play the game with a physical nature. Even if he doesn't play in the defensive secondary, he'll probably make the team as a special teams player. That's not such a bad position to be in, as he'll still be making more money than nearly all of us. 

Asante played well enough in 2009 to earn All-Big 12 first team honors. He was a three-year starter at Nebraska, and finished the 2009 season as the third-leading tackler behind Ndamukong Suh and Phillip Dillard. Fitting then, that he's the third Husker drafted.