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Phillip Dillard Drafted By New York Giants In the Fourth Round Of the 2010 NFL Draft

It took a while, but Nebraska linebacker Phillip Dillard went in the fourth round to the New York Giants. He'll compete for the starting middle linebacker job with Jonathan Goff. Given how he performed in the 2009 season, I'd say he has a pretty good shot at becoming a NFL starting linebacker. 

If you want to know what NY Giants fans are saying about him and their linebacker situation, you might want to check out the SB Nation NY Giant site Big Blue View. Interesting how the NFL guys always focus on injuries, despite the fact that a player performs for an entire season without showing any affects of a previous injury.

If NY Giants fans are wondering about Dillard - I think his story is remarkable. Here's a guy who looked lost, who had basically dropped off the depth chart - but worked his way back. He didn't play the first two games of 2009, when he could have been racking up easy stats against overmatched Sun Belt teams, but when he came back and started against Virginia Tech, his presence was immediately known. He played well enough, despite missing those two games, to be awarded with All-Big 12 second team honors

Don't worry about Dillard's work ethic. He's already learned his lesson. He'll do fine for you guys. 

Dillard will wear #55.