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Corn Flakes Is Catching Up

Our links are stacking up, so I'm running a Corn Flakes post to catch us up on everything before the NFL draft. It's that time of year when we're going to reach beyond Nebraska football (and you should too, how are your neighbors doing, btw?) and pull in all sorts of stuff.

There's supposed to be a more interesting introduction right here - but I've just been informed that data is missing from a server I'm working on. Lots of data - like - everyone's data. So.... yeah.

Oh, quickly - I know that we have a lot of new people coming in, lots of new people registering. If you're wondering how best to use CN, if you want to start your own discussions, write your own stuff, please check this out. It's long, but we'd love to have you join us, especially if some day there is beer involved.

Ack.... they're coming for me.

Nebraska Cornhuskers

Still On Track
Sam McKewon wants you to stop worrying about the defense because he's sure you are. I want you to not worry about the defense.... because you should be worrying about the offense, dammit! We sucked last year on offense, despite what happened in the Holiday Bowl. I'm not saying that to hammer Shawn Watson or Zac Lee, but to remind you that's what you should be worrying about. - JJ 


"No Second Chances" Tees
I've been informed that some of you saw the "No Second Chances" shirts at the spring game and wondered where you can get them. Use that link above or they're available on the sidebar. User Section 37 doesn't show his face here because he already has enough women after him, thank you. - JJ

A $50 million gift to the University of Nebraska
Suh got a lot of publicity for his donation, and rightly so, but someone else apparently didn't want to be outdone. $50M to study water. Damned good choice, sir. - JJ

Husker legends to make return to Columbus
Husker Legends Golf Classic Dinner - June 15th in Columbus. I really don't belong on a golf course. Trust me. You, however, should go have fun. - JJ

Live From Ann Arbor: Overstated Brain Drain and Outdated Information

"Every well-educated Nebraskan I know lives elsewhere, and it is a sad condition."

Hmmmmm...... I think the smartest guy I ever knew still lives in Lincoln. OTOH, one of the dumbest guys does too. Do they cancel each other out? Oh, and this Lincoln arena vote is approaching - how you going to vote? - JJ

Big 12

Horns Complete Slaughter in College Station
Just in case you're one of those Husker baseball fans that was sure Rob Childress was a better choice than Mike Anderson..... ah.... no. - JJ

My Five Takeaways From The Cyclones Spring Game
Review of Iowa State's Spring Game - because I know you really do care. - JJ

Thoughts On Maroon & White Game
Will Texas A&M be a better opponent than you're thinking, or is that that koolaid, sunshine-pumping time of year, and you think we'll just destroy them? - JJ

Live footage of Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe, last seen giving statements to the Associated Press
Even though they're from Missouri, I have to believe they're spot on with this one. - JJ

Could Texas Longhorns lead trend away from spread offense?
Texas quarterback Garrett Gilbert won't be running the shotgun, but will be going under center, or so speculates this dude. The Horns run game sucked last season, but I believe they'll abandon the spread when I see it next Big 12 season. - JJ

Thousands gather for 4/20 smoke-out on CU-Boulder campus
Stop and think about this for a moment. 8,000 people packed the CU Boulder Campus to smoke dope yesterday afternoon. Will they get that many people to their football games this fall????? Or maybe just go ahead and let them smoke dope at the stadium. On campus, in the stadium - what the hell is the difference? - JJ

Grab Bag

The Most Tepid Defense of Scouting You’ll Ever Read
From Chris Brown of Smart Football - you should read this if you'd like to understand more about the NFL Draft. Actually, read it anyway because it's really good. Then we can all sit down with a few beers and have fun discussing that is the chaos known as the NFL. - JJ

A Study of Overrated College Football Teams
You should go here and vote for the most overrated team of the last 20 years. (Hint - Their initials are ND) - JJ

With draft days away, some picks becoming more clear
Ndamukong Suh To Detroit is seeming like more of a sure thing. - JJ