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Interact With Ndamukong Suh At the Gatorade Sports Science Institute

Holy cow... you think Suh would be tired from doing the Jimmy Fallon show on Friday night, giving away $2.6M to the University of Nebraska on Saturday, and take some days off before the NFL Draft this Thursday, but no. This evening, I got this from some Gatorade marketeers:

Ndamukong is among a handful of elite athletes undergoing athlete performance testing at the Gatorade Performance Lab, where he's working with the Gatorade Sports Science Institute to help improve his performance.  He's also getting a sneak peek of the new G Series -- a line of Gatorade products (due this spring) designed to meet athlete needs before, during and after activity.
We are streaming Ndamukong's testing live via the Gatorade uStream channel Tuesday 4/20 at 7:35am ET, and fans can interact directly with him by asking questions through the platform.
For more information on Gatorade Performance Lab, and view our live broadcasts, please visit:

There's a Gatorade Sports Science Institute? Who knew? I sure as hell didn't.

Should we just declare this week "Ndamukong Suh Week" here at CN?