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2010 Nebraska Red-White Spring Game - For What Will We Cheer?

It's the third annual edition of "For What Will We Cheer?", the poll that asks what you're most excited to see at this weekend's Red-White Spring Game.

2008 was the first year of the poll and the first spring game of the Bo Pelini era. It wasn't too hard to guess which item would win that one - Husker fans were giddy about the fact that Bill Callahan and Steve Pederson were gone and a new era had arrived.

Last year Husker fans were hungry to see a Bo Pelini defense, which was understandable after the previous regime's offering. It was also obvious that Husker fans anticipated a 2009 season of Ndamukong Suh, although I don't think anyone could have predicted he would turn into the monster he did.

This year I'm guessing Husker fans are ready to see some good offense after knowing that last season Nebraska was a decent offense away from an excellent season. Perhaps you'd like to see a big run by Rex Burkhead or a great play by quarterbacks Taylor Martinez or Cody Green. How ‘bout a dominating performance by the newcomers on the offensive line?

That's why we do this poll. It's a chance for us to see what the fan base is thinking. Back for the third year, for what will Husker fans cheer the loudest?

Comments are welcome in case I missed something you're excited about seeing.