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Has "Fire Mike Anderson" Taken Hold of the Husker Baseball Program?

Nebraska lost another Big 12 series to Kansas State this weekend, leaving the Huskers at 4-8 and in eighth place in the conference. The Huskers have yet to win a conference series this season, having lost to Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and now Kansas State.

There are a number of baseball fans that feel like Rob Childress should have been made the head coach instead of Mike Anderson. I'm not sure what they're basing that on, as it isn't exactly like Childress has turned the Aggies into a baseball power.

With series left against Kansas, Baylor, Texas A&M, Missouri and Texas Tech. There's still time for Anderson to turn this thing around, but unfortunately there's still time for this season to fall apart, too.

I'll be honest - I'm not sure what to make of the baseball team's problems. I like Anderson. I think he's a pretty decent coach, and that it's more difficult to run a decent baseball program than most Husker fans think. Haymarket Park is still one of the finest in the nation, but in baseball terms, Nebraska is still a cold-weather team, meaning that it's a heckuva lot harder to recruit top talent. Still, if this season falls apart and the Huskers finish out of the running for the Big 12 tournament, Anderson's resume' gets much harder to defend.

I seriously doubt that Tom Osborne will fire him, but if things go poorly, Anderson may be forced to make some changes, such as finding replacements for assistant coaches Dave Bingham or Eric Newman.

Another part of me wonders if fans really care about baseball all that much. Should Anderson be under this much pressure? Is baseball a sport that garners this much attention, or is it just an expectation that Nebraska should excel in every sport?

How many of you have jumped on the "Fire Mike Anderson" bandwagon, and if you have, what's the reasoning?