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Corn Flakes Abides

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Some Sat links for your reading pleasure.

NU baseball takes down No. 20 Wildcats

Well now this is a pleasant surprise. Key stat you may not know if you haven't been following the baseball team- Adam Bailey leads the B12 in HRs. NU looks to take the series today. -JL

Huskers Go For Back To Back Titles

The bowling team looks to repeat. Insert your own "The Dude" joke here. -JL


The cats abide.

NE - Klachko Commits to NU

Another big time O-Line recruit. He chose the Huskers over Arizona, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Purdue and Boston College, among others. -JL

Gilleylen learns he can't take anything for granted - Lincoln Journal-Star

Curenski Gilleylen's fall from starter to scout team last season was fast. It got Gilleylen's attention, who's playing at a higher level this spring. - HM College Football - Top college assistants getting paid like pros

Last Corn Flakes we talked about the college money bubble. Consider this a warning sign. -JL

Assessing Missouri: Clawing out of their new groove - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF Blog - Yahoo! Sports

Dr Sat looks at the Tigers. He does call Nebraska a "traditional tyrant" I like that. -JL

Size of tournament, conference expansion lead NCAA agenda -

Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick backed away from talk that the Irish are interested in a Bigger Big Ten...unless there's a huge realignment where the mega-conferences separate themselves from the rest of Division 1-A. Just negotiating talk? Or have the boosters rejected joining the Bigger Ten? Who knows at this point? - HM

Dear ND: Get over yourselves. Sincerely- Everyone. -JL