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Corn Flakes: What's a peso worth?

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Well the WBB team ended it's season with a loss to Kentucky. Now I'm interested in seeing how the team does next year. Has NU built a perennial power? Or is this just a special team? 

The baseball team continues to struggle. The best hope now for you optimistic fools (me) is that the young players can develop during the season and really come on late, Texas style. Not a lot of hope, but some hope.

Spring football rolls on, with the biggest news being a change in the defense,The Peso! (nickle, dime, get it?)


The cats hear peso, and they think of Spring Break in Mexico, then they think of tequila, and what happens when you drink too much of it...


A Change in Base? - Nebraska Football

Hello Peso The Huskers are apparently working from a new base defensive formation, called the "Peso." So, what has changed? Schematically, not all that much. It is a move to put a different type of personnel on the field. Nebraska still operates out of a base 4-3 alignment, meaning four defensive linemen and three "linebackers." It is the nature of those "linebackers" that has changed. There is no longer a strong side (or "Buck") linebacker. Instead, a hybrid defensive back/linebacker type fills that role. The easiest way to describe it is that Nebraska has gone to it's nickel personnel grouping (two true linebackers, 5 defensive backs) and arranged them in a more traditional 4-3 formation.

Some more on the specifics-

Steven M. Sipple: Bo tightens the screws on spring details

"Now you’re in a position where your (two) linebackers virtually always will align between the tackles," he said. "And a hybrid player will be the one who adjusts outside the tackles when necessary." Nebraska’s hybrid — a nickel back/linebacker — will be senior Eric Hagg or junior Austin Cassidy.

Some more practice notes-

WRs Paul, Kinnie compete to improve

Paul’s answer came even faster than it takes him to cover 10 yards — which is saying something considering he recently traversed that in a program-record 1.40 seconds. "Brandon Kinnie," Paul blurted out.

Year 2 for Kinnie should be his break out year. Even his coach thought so.

Life in the Red's Blog | Monday practice update

"We’ve had good tempo," Bo Pelini said after Monday’s indoor practice. "We’ve got a lot done, a lot put in, a lot of good base, fundamental work. I like what I’ve seen so far."

Bo liked practice?!? He seems to really like this team. I'm a little scared to tell you the truth.-JL

Life in the Red's Blog | 'Rams should take Bradford'

After watching Bradford make ever throw, and generally be awesome at his pro day, Bryan Burwell of The St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper says Suh isn't the pick anymore. Bradford maybe awesome in the NFL, I don't know. But I do know that in the biggest games Suh played his best (read Texas, Missouri). Can Bradford make the throws with players like Suh baring down on him in the NFL? I take workouts with a grain of salt. -JL

Daily Nebraskan - Husker Kelsey Griffin receives All-America honors

Senior Kelsey Griffin became just the second Cornhusker to receive first-team Associated Press All-America honors when the award was announced on Tuesday.

Daily Nebraskan - Husker baseball stuns Sioux with 11-10 comeback victory

The Nebraska Cornhuskers, left for dead by most of the 2,638 fans in attendance at Haymarket Park on Tuesday, battled their way back from a 10-0 deficit to stun the North Dakota Fighting Sioux 11-10 when Tyler Farst drove the ball back up the middle and scored Adam Bailey for a walk-off single.

Yeah, but being down 10-0 against North Dakota doesn't make me feel better about this team.

Cody Hawkins not talking to beat writers who talk bad about Dad - Boulder Daily Camera

He did talk to ESPN blogger David Ubben - perhaps only because Ubben just started with ESPN. If this is young Hawkins new policy, he'll only be able to talk to himself by the end of this season as it appears. (Well, Daddy too, I guess...) - HM