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David Max Files Lawsuit to Reclaim HuskerPedia

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Today in the Superior Court of Orange County, CA, co-founder David Max (aka BigRedMax) filed suit to regain control of from Information SuperBrand Incorporated and ISI chairman Eric Park.  Max was Chief Financial Officer of Information SuperBrand before being terminated on February 26, 2010. On March 2nd, ISI disabled the ability of Max and HuskerPedia co-founder Joe Hudson to update HuskerPedia.  Max and Hudson then launched with similar content as HuskerPedia.  Both sites are in operation, complete with interactive forums for fans to contribue content. has a long tradition as one of the most, if not the most, popular Husker fan web sites with extensive historical information as well as a very popular forum that users paid $20 a year to subscribe to.

Read David Max's lawsuit
to reclaim HuskerPedia
(538K PDF file)

Max's lawsuit also seeks the recovery of $398,189.32 that was loaned to Information SuperBrand as a prelude to seeking venture capital.  Max's lawsuit claims that the funds were obtained from personal credit cards at rates ranging from 9.00% to 35.99%.  The lawsuit claims that starting on March 1st, IBI refused to make payments on these loans, and that Max has paid $6,055.95 to keep these accounts from going into default.

The relationship between Max and Park deteriorated after Tal Golan was hired as CEO of Information SuperBrand in December, 2009.  The lawsuit alleges that Golan obtained technical control of HuskerPedia as part of an effort to install analytic counters on their web sites.  Park and Golan represented to Max that once the counters were in place, an investor would pay off all of the debt, including the money that Max had loaned.  In 2008, Max claimed that a third party would purchase ISI if HuskerPedia were subject to a formal agreement between ISI and Max, a deal that Max claimed never existed.