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HuskerPedia Ownership Dispute

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Control of is currently under dispute in an ugly little family feud that affects one of the most popular Husker football forums around.  David Max ("BigRedMax") was fired last week by Information SuperBrand, who today disabled Max's access as well as the access for Joe Hudson, another founder.

HuskerPedia was offline earlier today, but is back up.  Since Hudson provided nearly all of the content for HuskerPedia, the future of the site is in question.  Meanwhile, Max and Hudson have launched as a replacement site.  The BBS continues to function at the old IP address for the time being, but look for it to change as well. 

It will be interesting to see where this leads.  The "HuskerPedia" brand name is one of the biggest around, but without the content, it won't mean much.  Does Information SuperBrand have any plans to maintain and enhance HuskerPedia without the assistance from the people who created it?  Can Max and Hudson get the word out and convince their many fans to follow them to the new site?

And how long until the lawsuits begin?