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Corn Flakes: Madness!

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You feeling the madness?

The Men won another conference game, in 2OT! Madness!

The Women are still undefeated! Madness!

Nebraska looks to have the #1 draft pick in the NFL draft! Madness! (or would taking McCoy over Suh be more Madness!)

The Baseball team, is playing about how people thought there were going to to... Alright so it doesn't always work.

No cats today I can't find a single good crazy cat picture, and I spent waaay too much time looking. How about a picture of Doc? He always looks crazy!


About some Mad-links! (really they are just like the regular links)

Griffin nabs Big 12 player of the week honor yet again

Nebraska forward Kelsey Griffin on Monday was named Big 12 Conference women’s basketball player of the week for the third straight week.

Huskers best Elon at Rice Invitational

Freshman Tom Lemke pieced together another strong start to lead the Nebraska baseball team to a 5-3 win against Elon in the Rice Invitational on Sunday in Houston.

Owls rally to down Huskers 4-3

Anthony Rendon’s RBI double in the bottom of the eighth inning gave Rice a 4-3 baseball victory against Nebraska on Saturday in the Rice Invitational at Houston.

Hmmm still not sure what to expect from NU baseball this year.

Official 2010 NFL Draft Order

A look at the order of the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft, which became official in the last few days.

Suh proves his mettle at NFL combine

The former coach asked Mayock if he thought the combine had caused any separation between Suh and McCoy. "No," Mayock said. "Although Suh did have a better combine. I wouldn’t disagree with that."

At this point people are just looking to validate their own opinions of a player.-JL

OG Dylan Admire Commits To Nebraska (DXP)

Pelini looks to be locking down the KC area.

Life in the Red's Blog | Two QBs in '11 class?

NU looks to another QB in addition to Jamal Turner

Adventures of the Big 12: eHarmony Profiles - Bring On The Cats

Funny stuff from Panjandrum from BOTC. My favorite line- Why should you pick me?: I'm good enough to not embarrass you, and I'm mediocre enough to not really threaten the power teams in your conference. What school is this? Guess, or go to the link to find out.