Corn Nation Off Season Recipes-Smoked Hot Wings

Yep, smoked wings!, Mmmm good! My wife and I were invited to a get-together with a few other friends and they asked if I could bring some hot wings. Sure, no problem, everyone likes wings. This is where I had the idea of cooking them the smoker. Never had smoked wings before so why not?!

This is a real easy recipe and only takes 2.5 hrs. to cook. I picked up a couple bags of frozen wing sections at the local grocery store. Maybe fresh would be better, not sure, but I’ll try them next. As far as seasoning, I dipped the wings in Franks wing sauce, then added Cabela’s Hot & Spicy seasoning. I fired up the smoker and set the temp at 200 degrees. Popped the wings in and smoked for 2.5 hrs. with Mesquite. When I pulled the wings out they looked great and the flavor was better than I could have hoped for!

The big test was having our friends try them. Everyone that ate them loved them. Someone else brought regular hot wings so I was curious to see which plate emptied first. Yep, the smoked wings won hands down! I’ll definitely be cooking these again.

This is one of the easiest recipes I’ve done in the smoker with great results. I’m not sure if anyone else has cooked wings like this before but it was something different to try for me. Let us know how yours turn out and as always, comments and suggestions are always welcomed. GBR!!!

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