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NCAA Championships - Open Games thread. Round one - Day two

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The dust has settled on day one. Plenty of upsets, buzzer beaters, and one major team making an early exit on Thursday. After the jump, we review some of the action, and give an update on the CornNation bracket challenge standings. Get ready for day two!

Link to the CBS MarchMadness on Demand player here!

More proof that picking these games may as well be random. A frenzy of action today, and some pretty disappointing play by higher seeds. Seven lower seeds advanced yesterday, with a few others almost pulling off the upset.

Upsets by lower seeds included Northern Iowa over a hyped UNLV team. Murray State, which was so often picked by experts it's a wonder they weren't just seeded higher, over 4th seeded Vanderbilt. Old Dominion gaffling any St. Patricks Day luck from Notre Dame's season. St. Mary squashed the Spiders from Richmond. (Coolest mascots BTW.) Six-seed Marquette fell to Pac-10 Champion Washington, and Texas blew an 8 point lead with just over a minute left in OT in a loss to Wake Forest.

As for the CornNation bracket challenge standings?

"Twist Around Slam Dunk" and "Picking with a blindfold" are tied at the top with 13 points, with 4 others tied for 3rd place with 12. Lots of points still out there however. Thanks to all that participated in the pool!

More exciting action on the way today, with a few more Big 12 teams looking to advance. The Big Red play today!..oh wait, we went over that already....