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NCAA Championship - Open Games thread. Round one / Day one

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Thanks to the CBS and SB Nation partnership, we have some nifty widgets to use for updates. This should be nice, as you won't have to navigate away from the thread to get scores, schedules, or updates.

The CBS Sports widgets will allow you to watch the games through a streaming video widget that can be launched below:

Launch Player

The On-Demand Widget will allow you to easily select the game you wish to watch online:



I'll be in and out of this thread, as I have to be on the road for a few hours at some point. (Terrible day to travel!) I will also be adding any content or extra widgets/links as I find them helpful. Also, it's not too late to enter a bracket for a chance to win a CornNation t-shirt. Click here to enter! Group ID is 105312 and the PW is gobigred