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CornNation March Madness Bracket!

I'm disappointed.

45 minutes of anxious waiting during the Tournament Selection show, all to see if the meisters of madness picked Nebraska as an at-large team for the tournament. Sadly, there was no love for the Huskers. Until finally I heard the words "corn" and "big red" during the regional announcements! Turns out it was just the Cornell Big Red. Sheesh, can't those guys get their own identity? The Big 12 had 7 teams selected to represent our conference, but the real Big Red, Nebraska,  was not one of them. Bastards!! 

(Those who bit on Cobby's Kansas-Nebraska merger story, please disregard the previous paragraph and continue reading below.)

Oh well. In place of throwing up game threads to cheer on the Big Red during tournament play, we decided to host a March Madness pool just for those of us that are missing out on the action! Should be pretty fun, and at the very least give someone here bragging rights for a while.

Want to participate? Feel like an expert? Not an expert, but have a psychic monkey? Simply visit  and follow the steps below. Who knows, we might even get Jon to find us a cool Husker-ish prize for the winner!

1. Since many users are already linked in with Yahoo, just  login to your Yahoo account. If not already registered, create an account with and navigate to the fantasy sports section.  

2. Click on the "join a pool" link. Bracket name is CornNation Basketball   ID# 105312 and the password is gobigred.

3. Create your Pick Set name. (Preferably the same name as your CornNation name. This should make it easier to track and recognize who is who)

3. Get your picks in, and that's it!

We'll try to run an open thread during each round of the tournament, starting off each post with an update and standings from the last round.