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Husker Red, and Olympic Gold. Today was a good day....

Curtis Tomasevicz, second from left, standing with the "Night Train" U.S. Olympic Bobsled team. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Curtis Tomasevicz, second from left, standing with the "Night Train" U.S. Olympic Bobsled team. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Had someone told me that our men's basketball team would win a game today, that would have been enough to add a little more pep in my step. I wouldn't have asked for anything more, given that a men's win is about as rare this season as a gemstone made from a comet's tail.

Now, we all know what chance the Missouri womens team had at pulling off the upset over #3 Nebraska in Lincoln.(It has to do with snowballs, and a certain balmy destination located deep underground) So that was a bit of a given, I'll admit.

But few may have known that a little known ex-Husker football player, who happens to be on the U.S. Olympic bobsled team, was gunning for an Olympic gold medal tonight. Curtis Tomasevicz, who played as a scout team fullback-linebacker-special teams player, had a chance to push his team to Olympic glory in the 4-man bobsled event.

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The men's basketball team played from behind, using a 25-6 run in the second half to push the afternoon game into overtime. The Huskers then led again until the closing minute of OT, when the Red Raiders tied the score. After missing the game winning shot in the game's first OT, Texas Tech wasn't able to keep up with the Cornhuskers in the second extra period. Nebraska picked up it's second conference win, thanks to a gutty performance by Sek Henry down the stretch. (Hey?..didn't someone call that?) This was the Henry I think everyone was hoping would be leading the Huskers all season, yet never materialized. I was proud of the guy. he brassed up, and made the plays when he needed to. With just a few games left in his college, and maybe basketball, career... he posts a career best 21 points in a much needed win for Nebraska.

The ladies stayed undefeated, and rolled as expected over Missouri later in the evening. Kelsey Griffin posted another double-double, and set a school record with 17 of her 19 points coming from the free-throw line. For the first time in women's basketball history, the Devaney Center was sold out after drawing 13,595 fans to watch the matchup. It was reported that as the final seconds ticked off the clock, chants of GO BIG RED! filled the still-packed arena. Okay, typing that last part just gave me the chills...

And lastly, the United States Olympic bobsled team won the gold medal for the first time in 62 years. Curtis Tomasevicz, an ex-Husker football walk-on. led the bobsledders to glory over the commonly favored Germans. Tomasevicz graduated from the University of Nebraska without a chance to play in the NFL, but he did have a masters degree in electrical engineering as well as a minor in astro-physics. So what does one do with an engineering and astrophysics education? Push a sled, and push it really fast! The American team anchored by Tomasevicz, also known as the "Night Train", also won the world championships last year.

And although the Husker baseball team dropped yet another game in the last few innings, due to a questionable balk call, the majority of Husker-land would consider this a pretty darn good way to spend the weekend. Yes, today was definitely a good day.