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Big 12 Conference Champions!

Ladies Team
Ladies Team

If there is a timeline, and check-off sheet for an ambitious womens basketball team this year, the Husker ladies have marked that first box with a big red pen.

The regular season championship goes to the still undefeated, Nebraska Cornhuskers womens basketball team. Congratulations ladies, and way to represent Lincoln during this cold winter stretch. Something for Husker fans everywhere to be proud of, no doubt! Once again the Huskers showed character, poise, and leadership by pulling off yet another comeback win late in the game against the eleventh-ranked Oklahoma Sooners.

Let's give ourselves a quick pat on the back, take a breath, and get back to business. We have more work to do..

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Even with the players we had coming into this season, I doubt that anyone would have predicted the type of success the ladies basketball team has enjoyed this year. Kelsey Griffin was touted as a huge impact player, but beyond that I think most Husker fans figured a 4th place spot in the conference sounded about right. Baylor, Oklahoma, and Iowa State figured to be the front runners, which makes this run at history even more exciting.

Nebraska did what it apparently does best on Wednesday night, leading by ten points in the second half only to fall behind late in the game after a Sooner rally. The girls buckled down again, and came through in the clutch behind Cory Montgomery's 19 second half points. Once again, someone stepped up their game when it counted, taking the pressure off Kelsey Griffin and Yvonne Turner. Griffin was epic as usual, posting her 16th double-double of the year.(30pts - 13rebs), but it was Cory Montgomery's hot hand that led to the Huskers taking the lead with 3:13 left. Montgomery laid 24 points on the Sooners, her season high, likely taking the Oklahoma coaches by surprise.

As I mentioned before, this is the point in the season where teams are starting to run out of gas. Teams that have been able to rest a bit more can take their best shots at you, and the chances for an upset increase with each game. The best teams are not only prepared for that type of change in pace, but rise to the occasion on the court and find ways to win. This recent stretch of close games is just what Nebraska needs to round out it's preparations for the post-season, and hopefully a deep run into the NCAA tournament. The next item on the Huskers to-do list..the Big 12 tournament crown, and then on to the NCAA's. ( And hopefully some individual honors in there as well)

Anybody want to talk about March Madness? Nebraska is projected as the new #1 seed in the Memphis region. But will that last? A lot can happen in the next few weeks.

Until then, congrats to Coach Yori and the Husker women. Great job, now go out and check off that next box!