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Nebraska Baseball Starts The Season By Losing Three Straight To Fresno State

Husker baseball season got off to a rocky start this weekend after losing three straight games to the Fresno State Bulldogs. The bad news is the way they lost. In game one, the Huskers lead 5-3 going into the bottom of the ninth, then gave up four runs,including a two-run game-winning home, to lose 7-5. In game two, they loaded the bases in the sixth, eighth and ninth innings, but failed to score a single line. The result was a 8-2 loss.

The third game was more of the same, as Nebraska lead 8-6 going into the ninth, but allowed Fresno State to score two runs to tie the game and put it into extra innings. The Huskers lead 9-8 in the 11th, but again allowed Fresno State to score two runs, the game winner coming on a wild pitch.

I wouldn't read too much into this first series, other than you hope the lack of timely hitting doesn't carry much further into this season as it was one of the main reasons last year was such a failure. Mike Anderson got to see how some of his young pitchers would do on the road against  quality opponent and clearly the team has some things to work on.

The last game of the series is Monday night at 8:00 pm central.

Other Scores around the Big 12:

Baylor 9, Duke 3
Baylor 5, Georgia 7
Baylor 3, Duke 2
Baylor 5, Georgia 2

Kansas starts their season Monday.

Kansas State 11, Delaware 5
Kansas State 6, East Tennessee St 10
Kansas State 2, Citadel 1

Missouri 6, Gonzaga 10
Missouri 17, Washington 6
Missouri 2,  New Mexico State 1

Oklahoma 7, San Diego State 4
Oklahoma 17, San Diego State 5
Oklahoma  9, San Diego State 5
Oklahoma 5, San Diego State 2
An impressive start to the season for Oklahoma.

Oklahoma State starts their season on February 26th

Texas 6, New Mexico 2
Texas 5, New Mexico 6
Texas 1, New Mexico 3
Disappointing start for Texas, as they've already lost the series to New Mexico (and with it, probably their #1 standing), but like Husker fans, Horns fans shouldn't panic just yet

Texas A&M 11, Seton Hall 2
Texas A&M 13, Seton Hall 6
Texas A&M 6, Seton Hall 3

Texas Tech 8, Jacksonville State 3
Texas Tech 4, Michigan 2
Texas Tech 18, Michigan 5
Texas Tech 11, Jacksonville State 8

Note that from now on, we'll be co-hosting a Sunday evening chat along with the College Baseball blog, so be sure and stop by to get your questions answered.