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Nebraska Stands Alone Against UConn Women's Basketball

One of the things I love about Husker fans is their sense of eternal optimism.... well.. for the most part, anyway. Nebraska women's basketball stands at 24-0, and ranked #3 in both polls behind undefeated juggernaut UConn and Stanford (whose only loss is to UConn).  UConn is an incredible program with a 65-game winning streak while the Huskers are having their greatest season in school history. This fact does not deter Husker fans, however.

Go here, then go to the bottom left of the page.

Vote as to whether you think the UConn women will go undefeated this season.   Then click on "View Map".

Go Big Red!

(The HT on this one goes to Mike Nolan's Husker email list, where the most knowledgeable Husker fans still hang out. BTW, this one is rather fun, interesting. Do me a favor, and use the Facebook icon below to share on Facebook so it spreads to other Husker fans. Thanks. )