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Huskers Await Decisions On Two Recuits - "Owa" Owamagbe Odighizuwa and Corey Cooper

Signing day approaches this Wednesday, with the recruiting class listed in the left sidebar as it stands now. There are two more highly-touted recruits the Huskers are hoping for after losing one over the weekend 

The Huskers are still after two highly-touted defenders. If they pick up these two, the class will lean heavily towards the defensive side of the ball, as here are the positions that have been filled and by what recruits:


DE - Walker Ashburn, Jake Cotton, Donovan Vestal
DT - Jay Guy, Chase Rome
OLB - Lavonte David (JUCO)
CB - Ciante Evans, Joshua Mitchell
S - Harvey Jackson, Tyler Evans (ATH)


OT - Jemarcus "Yoshi" Hardrick, Andrew Rodriguez, Mike Moudy
TE - Chase Harper (JUCO)
RB - Braylon Heard
WR - Quincy Enunwa
ATH - Kenny Bell

The two highly-touted recruits the Huskers are after:

Owamagbe Odighizuwa - Defensive End

And you thought "Ndamukong" was hard to pronounce. I hope we get this guy if for no other reason than he can be paired up with one of our other defensive end recruits, Tobi Okuyemi, and drive announcers completely nuts.

"Owa" is ranked as the 17th-best player in this year's class by ESPN, while Rivals has him eighth. You'd think Nebraska might have an edge here, given that Suh was from Oregon, and Owa has to be influenced by the turnaround shown by Suh under the Pelini's coaching.



Video (Interview): 

Corey Cooper - Safety

Cooper comes out of Maywood, Illinois, as a four-star recruit. He's stated that he won't announce anything until signing day, and he's considering Nebraska along with Arizona, Notre Dame, and Illinois. Considering what Nebraska's defensive secondary accomplished this past season and the coaching staff at Nebraska, he couldn't go wrong picking the Huskers.




Brion Carnes

Carnes was the third recruit that was in the mix as late as this weekend. It was reported over the weekend that quarterback Brion Carnes had committed to Western Kentucky, but this was first refuted, then apparently confirmed, so it does appear that Carnes has chosen the Hilltoppers over the Huskers.

I'm sure we'll see some surprises come out of the next couple days, but It would appear this will leave Nebraska without a quarterback recruit in the 2010 class. I'm sure that will have some freaking out a bit, despite the fact that Carnes wouldn't have seen the field for at least another season.

[Update - And now it appears that Carnes may not have committed to the Hilltoppers. I guess we'll find out Wednesday what's happening! ]