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Is Bo Pelini Talking to Miami About Their Head Coaching Position?

Bo Pelini about to have a conversation with Miami?
Bo Pelini about to have a conversation with Miami?

From twitter - Bo Pelini may be talking to the University of Miami about their head coaching position.


If you're thinking - "Oh, that's just twitter" - the tweet in question is from Michelle Kaufman, who's been covering sports for quite a long time.

Does this mean anything? Not really - note that Kaufman didn't say "interview", she's only indicating a conversation.

However, today the Miami Herald published an article about the coach search at Miami, stating:

According to a UM source, Hocutt also plans to speak with Nebraska coach Bo Pelini, who was granted permission by Nebraska to pursue the job. According to another source, Pelini has shown mixed signals, at some points expressing interest and at other points conveying reservations.

Read more:

If this is true, you have to wonder about Pelini looking at another coaching position, especially one at a school that doesn't have near the fan support that Nebraska has.

[Update - 11:48 PM]

Husker Extra reports that Bo Pelini doesn't address rumor and innuendo, and that Tom Osborne was surprised by the report:

Nebraska athletic director Tom Osborne was surprised Wednesday night upon hearing about the Herald's report.

"Bo's never talked to me about anything like that," Osborne said. "If he got permission (to talk to Miami), he didn't get it from me."

Can this year end already?